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Scavenger Hunt

   Facts about Robert- check biography
    1. Where was Robert Munsch born?
     2. How many brothers and sisters did he have?
     3. How does he get the characters for his books?

   List of My Books
    4. What is the story in Mud Puddle?
     5. What is the name of the girl in the book Pigs! ?
     6. What mistake do the parents make in Alligator Baby ?

   What's New
    7. On August 10, 2002, Robert Munsch wrote a poem
        about a shoe that did something strange. What was it?

   Something Special
    8. Find out why Tyya didn't eat all the cookies.

    9. What happened to Derrick's Gecko

   Tough Question
    10. Ribbon Rescue is a story about a girl named _________
        who is a _________ Indian who lives on the ___________
        Reserve near the city of ___________.

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