Plug-Ins and Helper Apps

What Are They?

View, Print, or Submit PDF Files:

Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF (Portable Document Format)

Find out more about Acrobat Reader -


Real Audio - RealPlayer -
Real Player accessories -,rcahome

Windows Media -  
      PhotoStory 3 -


Shockwave - helps to run multimedia (movies, animation, sound)

   Macromedia Flash -

QuickTime 3 -

Firefox -

        Internet Explorer -

Netscape -

Safari -

General Sources:

Shareware - helper applications to download

ZDNet Downloads

Download.Com - CNET - popular downloads

Stroud's Consummate Winsock Applications - software downloads



        WinZip - compression utility zips and unzips files

       WSFTP - transfers files

       VuePrint Pro - view and modify images

       Symantec - virus protection

        McAfee - virus protection

       SpyBot - removes adware

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