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Two New Planets Discovered???

Teachers and Pluto
No The Tenth Planet and More

GLOBE at Night

                  Eight (Nine) Planets for Kids -

            Eight (Nine) Planets for Kids

Astronomy for Kids from

           Astronomy Activities from Astronomical Society of the Pacific - 
                  Moon Phases with Birthday Moons


          Astronomy sites from the American Library Association

          Astronomy Links from McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center

                 Astronomy With a Stick - Daytime Astronomy

 Astronomy websites -

Build a Solar System Online at the Exploratorium

           The CERES Project from Montana and Spacequests for the classroom

           Comet Lesson Plan from Amazing Space with comet movie/quiz

                 Comparing Earth and Mars - Marcella Dawson

                 Dark Sky with lots of links/ organized by topic Jack Troeger at Iowa

  Down to Earth Astronomy (includes Hubble model)

  Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground from Harvard

                  Goddard Space Flight Center Education Programs
                  Great Images in NASA (GRIN) - library of photos

          Griffith Observatory - sky information

  HAO (High Altitude Observatory) Education pages about the sun

            Hawaiian Astronomical Society - Deep Sky Atlas and mythology

  Kids Astronomy

           Kids' Space -
                      Constellations -
                      Myths about the Universe -

                  Mars Exploration Program


                  Mission to Geospace from ISTP

                  NASA Observatorium

                  Our Solar System -

                  Planets of the Solar System -

          SOHO Exploring the Sun
                        SOHO for the Classroom

          Solar System Activities - Level 1

          Solar System Activities - Level 2

          Solar System in Pictures

                 Solar System Simulator from Jet Propulsion Lab

                 Solar System Trading Cards and other activities

                 Solar System Tutor - read and answer the questions

                 Space Environment Center - space weather

                 Space Physics and Aeronomy - select Classroom Activities and Games on the left

                 Space Weather Center from Space Science

                 Stargazers -

           Classroom Activities from University of Hawai'i Space Grant Consortium

           U.S. Naval Observatory - sunrise/sunset times plus moon phases and almanacs

                      Sunrise and sunset around the world -

                 Resources from the Exploratorium

             Views of the Solar System ( Thanks to Chris Demers)

          Welcome to the Planets data

                What's In the Sky This Week? - from Sky and Telescope

           Windows to the Universe - weather, missions, poetry, myths, history, geology etc.

                 Zoom Astronomy -

       Moon -  Keith's Moon Page with facts, phases, photos, and folklore
                       Moon Names from various cultures -

               Study from Hawaii with info on rocks -

              Great Moon Adventure - lots of activities and ideas

             Lunar Prospector - 

   *******Moon Phases Project with Oreo Cookies

   *******Moon Finder Project with paper plates

                About the moon -

                    Lunar Hands-On Activities -

           Moon Studies - The Earth's Moon - go to Earth and then select Moon -
Worksheet for this site

          Backyard Astronomer -

               Backyard Astronomy - scroll to the bottom

         Moon Phases animation from Harcourt Brace

        Moonlight Madness - Quiz from StarChild - Moon facts, myths, photos

               Moon Facts and Moon Myths - compare and contrast using the links given

         Moon Phases


          More moon phases -

        **Names for Full Moons - explanations from The Old Farmer's Almanac

          Telling Time By the Light of the Moon - from Discovery School

           Earth and Moon Viewer - see where the sun is shining right now

          Lost on the Moon activity from NASA - what would you need?

         Astronomy Survey - questions about the moon and sun for kids and teachers

                 Lessons to accompany the survey above


                 Spaceplace - Fun things for kids to do

       Solar Studies from Stanford- lessons and games -

Virtual Tour of the Sun

Fun in the Sun -        

The Sun (Level 1) or The Sun (Level 2)

                        Star Child Scavenger Hunts for each level

The Sun -

Solar Activities from High Altitude Observatory

         Surfing for Sunbeams Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory 

Yohkoh Public Outreach Project

Building A Simple Sundial

Solar Clock -

Make a sundial (link thanks to Tim Sullivan)

How Hot Is the Sun?

Solar Flare Theory

Solar Eclipse Paths from 1991 to 2030

The Martian Sun-Times - weather on Mars today - comparing Mars and Earth

Kids Astronomy from

Hubble site      

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
      Fun Sites for Kids -
      Classroom Activities -
      Stars -

How to Become an Astronaut

       Stars and Galaxies - A Hypertext Course from Dr. McCray at the University of Colorado

The Constellations and Their Stars -    

The Birth of A Star

Grade 5 Stars and Constellations from Sandburg Center for Sky Awareness, Fairfax, VA

Stars and Galaxies

Star Gazing from Harcourt Brace

Star Date Online - from Texas - by month with resources and educational links   and

Star Count October 14-28, 2011 - Citizen observations

GLOBE at Night March 22- April 4, 2011 - Citizen observations

 Stars and Galaxies from Absolute Beginners

        Constellation Stuff - Lots of great info - thanks to Pierce who discovered this site

        Galaxy Intro (Easy)
        Galaxy Intro (Harder)

          Galaxies  -

         Classifying Galaxies -

        Classifying Galaxies Quiz

        Hubble's Classification of Galaxies

        Stars and Constellations -

        Constellations -
                 (a shade noisy)

         More Astronomy

     Aerospace and Astronomy lessons and activities from Susan Seagraves

        Constellation Quizzes:
           * Astronomy from John Fix - Learning Constellations

         * Various quizzes about stars and constellations:

Constellation quiz from North Carolina- 
     Site/BALFOUR SITE 02/balfour_constellation_quiz.htm

         Constellations Activity -

Star Child

Astronomy for Kids from Thinkquest Junior

Imagine the Universe from Goddard Space Flight Center

Ask the Space Scientist

Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASA for Kids -

Amazing Space Project

A Teacher's Guide to Explain the Seasons

Sky and Telescope Magazine -
Astronomy magazine -
Earth and Sky magazine -
         Podcasts -

Earth Sky Radio Series and web pages

Internet Field Trips from Houghton Mifflin

Astronomy for Kids from

Lost in the Solar System Lesson Plans

Space Science

Planetarium Activities from Brockton

Teachers' Center for Star Child - includes activities and lessons

Teachers' Lounge from Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Night Sky Notes from the Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State

Sky Maps -
      Sky View Cafe -
      CalSky -
      Satellite observation charts -
      Sky Maps -
Your Sky - create maps for any date, time , or location

       Web Quests and Projects:

                CERES Project:
                    Sky Paths -
Learning Planet Sizes -
                    Birthday Moons -
MoonQuest - Project Ceres -
                Moonquest -
                    Planet Paths -
                    First Manned Mission to Mars -
                    How Much Would You Weigh on Distant Planets?
Digital Images: From Satellite to the Internet
                        Who Can Live Here: Life in Extreme Environments
                    Mars Quest - webquest
                    Mars Web Quests

                 Planets web activity from San Diego
                Astronomy Lesson Plans from The Educator's Reference Desk

                Classifying the Planets Webquest -

                Come to My Planet -

                Exploring the Solar System -

             Lunar Lollipops (Moon Phases) -

                Mission to Explore the Solar System

Moon Watching Activities -

Our Sun-Sational Star

Planetary Web Quest

Planets Webquest - Grade 3

Poetry and the Planets

Searching for Just the Right Planet

Sizing Up the Solar System - size and distance

Solar System Models -

Space Colony Webquest -

The Spectacular Solar System Webquest

Sun and Moon lessons  from Oswego - Grade 2

Travel in the Solar System - large numbers and distances



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