Australia For Kids

It's not just kangaroos. Find out for yourself.

             About Australia -
             National Geographic on Australia
                More -
 Amazing Australia - 
 Outback Insights -
  Great Barrier Reef -

             Australia for Kids -

             Another Australia for Kids

             Wikipedia -
             Australia Tourism Bureau -

             Thinkquest - The Land Down Under

             Jerrie Cheek's page from Georgia - very complete!

             Webster, NY, web page of Australia sites for kids and teachers

             Australia from Canada - Walnut Park's web page of sites

             Time For Kids - Around the World

             Australian vocabulary:

             Australian Slang -

             Australia quiz -

             Australia Maps -
             National Geographic Society- map

For Teachers:

        Education World - The Land Down Under

        Pro Teacher lessons

        Australia Unit Lesson Plan - Grades 5-6

        Australian Animals and Biomes for Grades 4-12

        Amazing Australia Grade 2

        A to Z Teacher Stuff for Australia
           A to Z Teacher Stuff just for grade 2

        Australia from abcteach

        Mr. Donn's web page

        EDSitement - Lesson plan - Aboriginal Art and Storytelling

        Lesson Plan Search site has 4 pages of links plus puzzles and games

        Australian Animals - webquests


        Third Grade Web Quest about Australia from Buckley Country Day School

            Welcome to the Land of Oz Webquest -

        Dugongs and Elephants - Cousins?

            Great Barrier Reef -
        Great Barrier Reef video -

        Slang Lesson Plan -

        Waltzing Matilda explanation -

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