Hot Air Balloons  

        Links, history, models

Air Travelers from OMSI

     Plans and activities (bonus activity) from Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Hot Air Balloons, History and More from the Exploratorium

Balloons from Eduscapes - lots of sites, vocabulary, hints

Balloon Vocabulary and Anatomy from More Than Just Hot Air

     Balloon coloring sheets -

Flights of Inspiration from Franklin Institute

Hot Air Balloon Lessons - You're Going To Be An Aeronaut - many activities and worksheets

Hot Air Balloon Webquest - Grade 4

How Hot Air Balloons Work

How Things Fly from the Smithsonian - 3 activities

Balloon Race Around the World from PBS

Model Hot Air Balloons Theme Page from CLN

NASA Balloon Program Office -

Overflite Balloon Ideas

History of Ballooning - PBS and NOVA

Virtual Hot Air Balloon Ride - you don't have to leave your classroom - Dawn Treader

Future of balloons - Aerobot from JPL

Full of Hot Air - activities to do at home

Civil War Ballooning -

Activities to Try:

     Hot Air Currents -
     Windy Wind -

     Up, Up, and Away -

                           Mrs. LeDuc's sites: 

Overflite - how to build and fly hot air balloons Z
Montgolfiers - "photos"
Balloons and Airships - a history -
Balloon project in Maryland -

Pictures from Mrs. Abolins -
Science questions about hot air balloons from AIMS

    Plans for Making Hot Air Balloons:

1. Balloon Plans from The Balloon Explorium
     Tips and tricks -

2. Australian Hot Air Balloon directions -

3. Hot Air Balloon made out of dry cleaner bag     

4. Hot Air Balloons from AIMS includes link to worksheet page

5. Balloon activities from JPL that explore earth, moon, Mars scale models

6. Junior Balloonist Lesson Plan -

7. Teacher Resources from the Exploratorium -

8. Hot Air Balloon activity from Lesson Plans Page -

9. Make a hot air balloon

10. Lesson plan using The Big Balloon Race by Eleanor Coerr

It's out-of-print, but The Great Round-the-World Balloon Race by Sue Scullard is an outstanding book to read aloud to your class.

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