Biodiversity for Kids  

Biodiversity explained plus activities, interviews, and webpages

Biodiversity facts and information in a chart

Biodiversity info from Canada

Biodiversity site from the UN -

Biodiversity Basics -

Environment and Climate Change Canada -                                        
      Eco Kids about biodiversity -

Biodiversity from AMNH -

Biodiversity from WWF -

National Wildlife Federation -

The Nature Education -
Biodiversity FAQs -

Lessons for Teachers to Use: 

Lessons from Australia to download

Biodiversity activities and map from Australia

Biodiversity Lesson Plans -

Biodiversity from FWS -

    Illinois Biodiversity Basics -

Habitats and Biodiversity from University of Georgia

       National Geographic Society Biodiversity -

Another series of activities -

       Biodiversity Counts Grades 6-12 - American Museum of Natural History

       School of Forest Resources Wildlife Lesson Plans

       Looking for Biodiversity -


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