African-American History Month

2016 - Hallowed Grounds: Sites of African American Memories
2015 - A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture
2014 - Civil Rights in America
2013 - At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality
2012 - Black Women in American Culture and History
2011 - African Americans and the Civil War
10 - The History of Black Economic Empowerment
2009 - The Quest for Black Citizenship in the Americas
2008 - Carter G. Woodson and the Origins of Multiculturalism  
2007 - From Slavery to Freedom
2006 - Celebrating Community

2005 - The Niagara Movement

African American History: Black History Month from Enchanted Learning

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross

African American Soldiers in the Civil War (special thanks to Aly)

Association for the Study of African American Life and History

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Civil Rights quiz

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               Black History Hotlist from the Franklin Institute

               Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad - by second graders in Sleepy Hollow, NY   
                It includes a timeline, a quiz, character sketches, poems, and maps and more


                                        Martin Luther King, Jr. stamp    Martin Luther King biography from LSU -
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Time Magazine 100 Leaders

Martin Luther King, Jr. An Overview

Martin Luther King, Jr. information from the Seattle Times

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford

"I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. text and audio

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Five Lessons for Black History Month

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