COLOR Chemistry for Kids     

     Carmine's Introduction to Color

    Mix and Paint with Curious George
    Color with Leo -

    Color Mixing Game (not your basic colors, but fun)

    Color Mixing and Color Wheel

    Mixed Colors quiz from Funbrain

    Click on the color word and change the web page background
    Learn to recognize the colors (for young children) 

    Mixing Colors from Harcourt School (Shockwave needed)

    Online Coloring Activities

     Color Mixing -


    Paper Chromatography:

    Paper Towel Chromatography

    Paper Chromatography with leaves

    Candy Chromatography

    Color Splash - color and liquids


        Color the Snow
        Color Mixing
        Tasty Color Mixing

    Color Mixing worksheet for teachers from NASA SCI FILES

    Color mixing - K-3

    Color mixing

    Color mixing from a-z kids stuff - activities

    Mixing Colors for fifth grade

    Mix 'N Match from the Exploratorium

    Primary Color Cupcakes - frosting

    Color Theory and Mixing -

Natural Dyeing Resources:

    Lots of suggested sites -

    Pioneer Thinking with suggested plants -

    Natural Dyeing Techniques -

    Dyeing Easter eggs naturally -
       Natural Dye Plants -
       Natural Dyes for Easter eggs -


    Natural Dyes for Porcupine Quills from NativeTech -

    Natural Dyeing of Textiles -

    How To Create Natural Dyes for Wool -


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