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Colonial History for Kids -

KidInfo -

Ben Franklin documentary from PBS      

Best of History Websites -

Multnomah Websites -

ProTeacher 13 Colonies links

READ History! -

The Search for Roanoke -

                           **Roanoke worksheet from Mrs. Mitchell -


Introduction to Jamestown from Virginia -

Virtual Jamestown -

    Site map -

Historic Jamestowne Lessons and Online Activities

Learn more about Jamestown, the first English settlement

    Map -
    Timeline -
    List of Early Settlers

Jamestown History

News about the James Fort project

Jamestowne quiz -

Teaching about Jamestown Web Sites
    Jamestown Changes -
    Teaching About Jamestown -
    Lessons -
    Webquest -

National Geographic Interactive - On the Trail of Captain John Smith

          American Colonies:
     New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies

13 Colonies -

13 Colonies Life -

Colonial American History -

The American Colonies from KidInfo -

13 Colonies - Clickable map with information

13 Colonies map worksheet/quiz from Enchanted Learning 
     plus another map -

New England Colonies -
New England Colonies -
New England Colonies -
New England Colonies worksheet from Teri Beckner worksheets/newenglandcolonies.doc

Middle Colonies -

Middle Colonies from KidInfo -

Middle Colonies -
Middle Colonies -
Middle Colonies worksheet from Teri Beckner worksheets/middlecolonies.doc

Southern Colonies -
Southern Colonies -
Southern Colonies -
Southern Colonies worksheet from Teri Beckner worksheets/southerncolonies.doc

Did your relatives come over on the Mayflower?

**The Pilgrims - A Page of Activities and Links -
Read about Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts

For Kids from Sturbridge Village  -
   Teacher Lesson Plans -
Discover what life was like at Plimoth Plantation
A Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation

Colonial Children and their toys -

A Study of the Colonial Economy

Life in Colonial America -

Interactive map of Paul Revere's ride -

Virtual Tour of Philadelphia -

Benjamin Franklin
    ** Ben Franklin worksheet

Visit Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia -
or check out more on Williamsburg -

Travel to Mount Vernon and learn about George Washington

George Washington's Papers -

Explore Monticello where Thomas Jefferson lived

          California Missions 

  Cyber Serra Mission Project

  Junipero Serra

  California Missions by bike

  California History from the Library of Congress

  Successful California Missions activity - 

  California Mission Models -

     Suggested sites from the American Library Association

Library of Congress maps of North America 1750-90

Rare maps from Colonial Times

Tour Boston's Freedom Trail

     Links to The Freedom Trail
     Boston Freedom Trail field trip pictures

Education in the Colonies
Hornbooks and Battledores

Another source

Lessons for Colonial Education

Colonial America Scavenger Hunt about 13 Colonies
Colonial Currency and Coins  with pictures and information

   French and Indian War:

The French & Indian War (PBS Jan. 18 and 25, 2006) Visit Relive Learn

Overview of French and Indian War from Ohio

French and Indian War from Netherlands site

Kidport Reference Library and other sources

An overview of the French and Indian War

Maps of the French and Indian War

Other Resources:

Benjamin Franklin Webs from Mr. Leahy in Beaverton, Oregon -
also Cyberguide to Ben

Early America Archives plus Crossword Puzzle -

Colonial Lesson Plans -

Colonial Lesson Plans from The Teachers' Corner

Colonists in the New World - lesson plans for teachers

        Carol Hurst's Page of Books and Ideas -

       Johnny Tremain Study Guide

       Paul Revere lesson from EDSITEment

       Paul Revere's Ride - Lesson plan about the poem -

Using Jean Fritz's books in the classroom -

Suggested Activites Relating to the Spanish Missions

French and Indian War Resource Guide -


A Royal Charter from the King

California Missions Webquests:

Colonial America Webquest and Internet Travel

Colonial American Art

 Colonial Children Webquest

Colonial Towns

Colonial Webquests and projects:

Creating A Colony in a New Land

From Colonies to States

Jamestown Webquests -

Life on Plimoth Plantation -

Original 13 Colonies Webquest

Thirteen Colonies WebQuest

Johnny Tremain Webquest and projects

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