This is a word game where you guess the mystery word or phrase using the clue.
Each answer will have a color in it.
Good Luck!

    1. Town through which the Prime Meridian passes  _________ (KB)

    2. A person who studies ocean life _________  (DL)

    3. Any U.S. paper money_________  (WE)

    4. Another name for a $1 coin ________________ (WS)

    5. A fish in a small round bowl ___________  (EC)

    6. A type of jazz music ___________ (BS)

    7. The largest island in the North Atlantic _______  (AS)

    8. A group of mountains in Vermont _________  (MR)

    9. Something you put in your coffee_______ (EC)

    10. A house with lots of plants __________( MP)

    11. A type of pants that young people wear (also some old people, too)
            _____________________  (MP)

    12. When you owe more money than you have, you are in the _____.

    13. Someone who is cowardly sometimes is said to have a ________ streak.

    14. New Hampshire mountains are called the ___________ Mountains.

    15. Someone who is well-liked is often called a ____________.

    16. A soldier who is wounded in action may receive a _________ Heart.

    17. Someone who is healthy, fit, and in good physical condition is "in the ______".

    18. An old man is sometimes called a _______ beard.

    19. Any of the strict, puritanical laws that were used in New England, particularly those that forbid
        selling things on Sunday - they were called _________ laws.

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