Creative Building Projects

 Assorted Applied Technology Projects   - Egyptian water clock, catapults, towers, 
bridges, boats, cars, ramps, burglar alarm, hoists, and lifts from Mr. Gray

Bridges - PBS "Build A Bridge" - learn about different types of bridges - interactive -

    Building Big - Bridge Design and Large Structures -  
    Super Bridge -
    How Bridges Work

    ABCD Bridge Design Tips -

    Balsawood Bridge -
    West Point Bridge Design Contest -

    BridgeBuilding Using Toothpicks
       YouTube video -
      Toothpick bridge designs -
      Tips for bridge designs -

    Bridge Construction -

    Suspension Bridge Construction -
    Background info -

    Pasta Bridges and Tower -


                 Straw Bridges -


Roller Coasters - Internet interactive design a roller coaster

Amusement Park Physics - the theory behind the ride

The Ultimate Roller Coaster Contest -
               How Roller Coasters Work -
               Roller coaster applet -
               Design a Roller Coaster -
               Build A Roller Coaster Online - 

               Roller Coaster activities online
               Make an online roller coaster 

Castles - Build a Medieval Castle -
          Build Your Own Castle -

          Castle Builder -
          Paper Castle -
          Miniature paper castle -
          Model castle -
          How To Build a Castle -
          Simple Cardboard Box Castle -

Catapults -  Plans for catapults with varying levels of difficulty

              Catapults -
              Discovery Education - catapults
              Easy Catapult -
              Popsicle Sticks -
              Historical Catapults - lesson plan
              How Does a Catapult Work? plus links

              Marshmallow/Grape Catapults -

Egg Drop -

Houses - History -
          Japanese Houses -
          How to Build -
          Types -
          Earthquake-Proof Homes -

Paper Structures -
           Bridges -


           Various -

Pulley Systems -

Sail Cars -
                Puff-Mobiles -

Solar CollectorsBuild a Solar Collector -
                    Sun Jars -
                    Cardboard and rubber tubing -
                    Pizza Box solar oven -
                    Solar Dehydrator -
                    Solar Hot Dog Cooker -
                    Solar Hot Box -

                        Mini Solar Car - (requires small motor and solar cells)

Toothpick Projects -


Water Craft -  Buoyancy -

                  Wild Watercraft -


Wind Powered Machines -
                  Alternative Energy -


                  Simple Wind-powered projects -

                  Wind Tunnels -

Lesson Plans for Teachers:

Amusement Parks and Playground Physics -

BBC DIY Make Your Catapult -

Design Challenge Projects

Egg Drop Competition Rules from MESA Day
   Another Egg Drop Contest -

Various lessons from Tufts Robolab @ CEEO

Roller Coaster Webquest
Roller Coaster Physics

Solar Heating Vocabulary and Lessons
  Solar Energy and You

So You Want to Build A Roller Coaster Webquest

Various projects from MESA -

Various projects from NC 4-H -

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