by Jean Fritz

Early Thunder by Jean Fritz book cover

Predict what you think will happen based on the front and back covers.

Chapter One-
      What is the isosceles triangle that Daniel pictures in his mind?
        Which side does Beckett, Daniel's friend, support? How do you know?
        What is smallpox and what is an inoculation?
        What is the pie room?
        Why is English tea such an important issue?
        Why is Daniel going to find Jeremy do you think?

Chapter 2-
      Why did Jeremy and Daniel toast the King?
        What are some of the uses for the Salem Common?
        What clues does the author give that something bad is going to happen?

Chapter 3-
      What are some of the things that are unloaded from the Neptune?
        What mistake does Daniel make at school?

Chapter 4-
      Daniel compares Mr. Nicholls to what creature? Why?
        What does submit mean? What does resist mean?
        Why is Dr. West going to need a chaise for his trip to Boston?
Chapter 5-
      What are some of the nice qualities of the Footes?
        Describe the new mother.
        Peter Ray says that Daniel will be sorry? Can you guess what he'll do?
Chapter 6-
      What is the review on the Common like?
        What could the "newspaper" message mean?

Chapter 7-
      What is the punishment for the Tea Party?
        What have you just learned about Mr. Allison?

**Questions below provided by Stacey DeSimone - Thank you so much!**

Chapter 8-
        We see a small inkling of Daniel starting to shift his thinking; how does he show this?
        What is Daniel's original view of Samuel Adams? How does it change through the chapter?

Chapter 9-
        Where did Mr. Leonard go? Why?
        What was different at the courts today?

Chapter 10-

What happened on July 14th?
        What plans did Dr. West and Daniel's stepmom make for him?
        What was the real reason for these plans?

Chapter 11-
Why does Daniel see himself as a Whig now? What are his beliefs?
        What does Mr. Sprague want? What does Mr. Foote do?

Chapter 12-
What did Beckett give Daniel?
        Who came to visit Daniel when Jeremy couldn't
? What did he bring?
        What did Daniel's letter say?


Chapter 13-
Why was the sky red?
        What was destroyed at the West house? What was saved?
        What did Daniel notice about the water buckets?

Chapter 14-
What was the interruption at church?
        What happened to the Libera?
        What happened between Daniel and his father?