Economics for Kids
money assorted change money assorted change - learn about money and banking

National Council on Economic Education

Classroom resources -

EconEdLink - lesson plans, standards, and publications

  For kids -

Other Resources from NCEE -

Social Studies for Kids - basic economics, supply and demand, interdependence,
   the stock market, and more

Economics 101 for Kids
    Economics quizzes to go with the link above

United States Mint for Kids

The World of Money from the British Museum includes history and saving

The Mint from Northwestern Mutual designed to teach kids about money

Kids Bank - learn about money and banking

Moneyopolis -

Economics Mini-Quests to learn more about economics

Federal Reserve Bank of NY - Education Resources

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston - Education Resources

Federal Reserve Publications for Teachers

Econ Explorers Club for Kids

Economic Education Web from Omaha
    Economics Lesson Plans from Economic Education Web

Web Page about Money

Jerrie Cheek's hot list sites

Economics Lesson Plans from old Ask Eric site

Global Grocery List -

Ask Dr. Econ -
Great Economist's Treasure Hunt

Fedville game -

Economics and the stock market -

*Stock Market Games - Thinkquest activities

      *The Stock Market Game

    Stock Market Game resources -

    *Stock Market Webquest

The Cereal Box Project

Welcome to Econopolis -
   Teacher Page from Econopolis -'scorner.htm

Eduplace Economics lessons,1,0,0

MCREL Economics sites

Ed.Helper Economics Lesson Plans

Colonial Trade

Kids and Cash Lesson Plan

Collecting for Fun ... and Profit? Collectibles and supply and demand

EconEdLink -

Economics and Geography lessons for 32 Children's Books

Lesson Plans

Online Elementary Economics Lessons from James Madison University

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