Use the highlighted web pages to locate information about electricity and answer the questions.

1. What Is Electricity?

a. Electricity is the flow of ______________________________

b. Electrons have a __________________ charge.

c. Protons have a ___________________ charge.

d. Neutrons are _________________.

e. When electrons move among the atoms of matter, a __________

        of __________________ is created.

f. Resistance in wire depends on (http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/story/chapter03.html):




g. _______________ has lower resistance.

h. What are insulators?

i. Name 2 insulators:

2. Electrical Safety - What do you do if there is: 

a.  an electrical fire?

b. an electrical shock?

c. a downed power line?

d. a power line touches your car?

Play the game, Find the Hidden Dangers
Play the Game Make a Safe Choice

3. How Is Electricity Measured? http://www.sce.com/Safety/kids/more-about-electricity.html




4. How Is Electricity Produced? http://www.alliantenergykids.com/EnergyBasics/AllAboutElectricity/000419

Choose 4 sources from the list and make a poster.


5. Shocking Stuff- http://ask.yahoo.com/20041124.html

 How come birds on electric wires don't get electrocuted?

6. Time for a quiz: Lightning Safety Quiz

How did you do?
Print the test and test your parents

Go to the Miami Science Museum - Electric Safety K-6
OR Go to the Theater of Electricity at the Boston Museum of Science

If there is time, visit another site on Mrs. Mitchell's electricity page
Write the URL. List 3 things you liked or learned.