by Avi
Fighting Ground bookcover by Avi

                   Make a prediction what you think is going to happen. Use the front and back covers to help you.

    Pp. 3-6 Describe Jonathan and his father.

    Pp. 7-12 List 5 interesting, descriptive words from this section.

    Pp. 12-19 Describe how Jonathan feels.

    Pp. 19-22 Describe the problems mentioned in this section.

    Pp. 22-27 Describe the mood of the people.

    Pp. 28-32 What does Rocktown look like?

    Pp. 32-35 What is the plan for the fight?

    Pp. 35-40 What feelings come from this section?
                    How would you feel if you were Jonathan?

    Page 41 Describe the soldiers.

    Pp. 42-49 Look up the word grenadier.
                    How is war different than Jonathan expected?

    Pp.49-52 What happens in battle?

    Pp. 52-55 List 5 feelings that Jonathan mentions.

    Pp. 56-58 What would be a good title for this part?

    Pp. 58-62 Read and try to guess what the Hessians are saying.
                    Then check the back of the book.

    Pp. 62-66 What is going to happen to Jonathan?

    Pp. 66-79 Compare how Jonathan and the Hessians feel.

    Pp. 80-99 How has Jonathan's attitude changed?

    Pp. 100-103 What do you think Jonathan should do?

    Pp. 103-121 How does the Colonel know so much as the house
                        where the Hessians are staying?

    Pp. 121-123 Who killed the parents and why?

    Pp. 125-152 What are the ideas the author wants you to consider?
                        What do you think about the conclusion?

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