Geography Worksheet 

Use your own background knowledge, an atlas,
a dictionary, and maps to answer these questions from a
Richard Lederer column in the Concord Monitor several years ago.
Click HERE for answers.

        1. Name all nine states that contain two words.

        2. Name all eight states beginning with the letter M.

        3. What other letter begins the names of eight states?

        4. Name all 22 states that end with the letter A.

        5. Aside from Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona, which state name
            ends with the same letter with which it begins?

        6. Identify two state names that derive from the names of countries.

        7. Which state is named after an American president?

        8. What other states are named after people?

        9. How many of the fifty states have Indian names? (a dictionary will help)

      10. Which two state names contain three sets of double letters?

      11. What are the only two state names that contain a
            double vowel (same vowel twice in a row)?

      12. Which nine state names consist of alternating consonants and vowels?

      13. Four letter states have the shortest names. Which two state names
            have the greatest number of letters?

      14. What is the longest one-word state name?

      15. Name two states whose names consist of 75% vowels. Name two more
            states whose names contain 67% vowels.

      16. Look at a list of US Postal Service abbreviations of state names.
            Two pairs are reversals of each other. What are they?

      17. Which postal abbreviations consist of touching letters in the alphabet?

      18. Every letter of the alphabet appears at least twice in the names
            of the states except J (only in New Jersey), Z (only in Arizona),
            and one other that does not appear at all. What is that letter?

      19. Which state contains within its name a seven-letter palindrome?

      20. A certain vowel, a certain consonant, or both appear in the names
            of 47 of 50 US states. Identify the vowel, the consonant, and the three
            state names in which neither is found.