Hink Pinks

Hink pinks are pairs of words that rhyme and have one syllable.
Here are some clues for hink pinks.
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        1. An obese feline

        2. A large swine

        3. An obese rodent

        4. A happy father

        5. A light-colored orca

        6. A rapid slight of hand

        7. A not-long fortified building

        8. Unhappy adhesive

        9. Skin exposed to lots of sun/ sports enthusiast

        10. Frail, winding river

        11. Navy sneaker

        12. Intelligent role in a play

Hinky Pinkies
Hinky pinkies rhyme but they have two syllables each.

        1. An amusing hare

        2. A foolish fleur-de-lis

        3. A silent bunch of menus

        4. Below 32 degrees/ashmatic sound

        5. A smelly submerging


    Hink Pinks:

        1. fat cat

        2. big pig

        3. fat rat

        4. glad dad

        5. pale whale

        6. quick trick

        7. short fort

        8. blue glue

        9. tan fan

        10. weak creek

        11. blue shoe

        12. smart part

    Hinky Pinkies:

        1. funny bunny

        2. quick trick

        3. quiet diet

        4. freezing wheezing

        5. stinking sinking

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