Integrating the Internet into the Classroom
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Ask an Expert
Current Events
For Teachers:
Lesson plans
Electronic Field trips
Evaluating sites
Search engines
Various Projects:
One computer class
Scavenger Hunts
Web quests
Online projects
Web Pages:
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1. "Easy" STUDENT Activities and Classroom Projects


A. Electronic Postcards:

Electronic Cards -
Jan Brett's Postcards -
Care2 ecards -

Warner Brothers Cards
123 Greetings
Native American quiz

B. Ask An Expert - check out the questions before sending your own:

Virtual Reference Desk Ask A+ Locator
Various experts and career ed stuff from Ask An Expert -
Newton BBS - Ask A Scientist -
CIESE - Stevens Institute of Technology -
Ask An Expert Sources from in Canada -
The Mad Scientist - Ask A Scientist -
Ask the Space Scientist
Ask An Expert from Scientific American -
Dr. Math from Swarthmore -

C. Current Events using online news pages:

Time for Kids  Kids -
Teachers -
Weekly Reader - Play News Busters -
           Weekly Reader Home Page -
Scholastic Magazine -
Boston Globe
Concord Monitor
CNN Student News -
New York Times
Washington Post -
SI For Kids
Time -

D. Keypals:

Complete directions, suggestions, how-tos for Key Pals

Internet KeyPal Exchanges Intercultural Email Classroom Connections -     
Kidlink -
Suggested student projects from Melissa Matusevich in Christianberg, VA
Local pen pals- A teacher or administrator contacts a local bank or law firm
    that might be willing to help students edit writing pieces via email
The Flat Stanley Project where students send regular mail and email as part of the project

E. Student Research:

BJ Pinchbeck's (seventeen-year-old kid's) Homework Helper pages
Multnomah County Library Homework Center - web sites for 40 topics and all ages -
Gander Academy's Theme Related Resources -Canadian school - very complete/very good -

4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources
Global Access to Educational Sources
Boowa and Kwala - Games for Young Kids -
Websites from England for primary students -           
Sesame Street -

2. TEACHER Resources

A. Communication with other teachers/organizations:

The Classroom Flyer -,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

  You receive educational email daily or weekly or by your choice,230690&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
Discovery School Custom Classroom and Teaching Tools

Email for the Classroom from  Community Learning Network - 
  Email for Teachers and Students -
  Listservs for teachers from CLN -

Listservs for Teachers as suggested by Jim Cornish 
   from Gander Academy
- includes descriptions

B. Homework/Games/Activities/Free Web pages:

Quia Directory of teacher-developed activities and games - (free homework page) -
Teacher Web -
Yahoo Geocities -
Angelfire from Lycos -
Lots of free sites plus The Free Site -
Filamentality -
Inspiring Teachers -

C. Lesson plans/curriculum units  on the Internet:

NHEON lesson plans and various 
resources for NH teachers  standards-based  
Go to NH frameworks

   Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer:
    *Blue Web'N Library of Blue Ribbon learning sites


    *Filamentality Go To Search the Registry

    *Wired Learning- Web-based lessons and activities

Discovery Channel
Puzzlemaker, TV schedules

Lesson Plans -

Kathy Schrock's links for educators  
all disciplines and even more

Knowledge Network
 of NHPTV (Channel 11)-
lesson plans, activities, technology ideas

California SCORE  
Schools of California Online Resources for Educators
math, science, social studies, and language arts
lesson plans and resources

  Math Forum @Drexel  
GREAT math site

Science Netlinks
for science lessons K-12

National Geographic 
 Plus lesson plans and maps to print
 Expeditions Lesson Plans  
with searchable feature 
 Learning Museum - online
New York Times Learning Network Grades 6-12

Daily Lesson Plan and Lesson Plan Archive

Busy Teachers' Web Site K-12
Ask Eric Lesson Plans,
Resource Guides and more

Education World

Lesson Plans, Web Quests, worksheets

ArtsEdge - Kennedy Center and NEA     
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
The Children's Literature Web Guide from Calgary

Mr. Donn's (and Mrs. D's) Lesson Plans Across the Curriculum (social studies)
EconEd Links economics lessons -

Edsitement from National Endowment for the Humanities

Illuminations from NCTM -
International Reading Association -
Kathi Mitchell's URLs for Teachers - arranged by subject, grade,
   plus NASA and museum sites'sURLs.htm

PE Central for Physical Education
Special Education Links arranged by topic
Teaching American History with the Internet - K-6 web sites

D. Electronic Field Trips:

Web Cams: These sites are sometimes unreliable but are worth a try.

EarthCam Network - By Category -
Leonard's World - world
WebCam Central -

        Fun Field Trips:

Colonial Williamsburg -
Cow Eye Dissection -
Desert Field Trip -

Endangered Species
Frog Dissection page
The Grand Canyon
The Heart: An Online Exploration from the Franklin Institute

Hurricane Field Trip
The Louvre

Mount Vernon -
National Air and Space Museum - Washington, D.C.
National Zoological Park in D.C.
Oceans Field Trip
Rainforest Field Trip
Virtual Tour of McMurdo Station Antarctica -


Boston - Museum of Science - Go to Exhibits - Online Exhibits
Philadelphia - Franklin Institute
- Go to Learn, Visit, and Explore
San Francisco - Exploratorium - Go to Explore and Educate
Miami - Museum of Science - Go to Exhibits - then Online Exhibits/Resources
Chicago - Field Museum of Natural History
- Go to Exhibits -
Online Exhibits
Minnesota - Science Museum of Minnesota
- Science Activities

E. Rubrics:

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Rubrics -
Rubric generator -
Rubistar -
Midlink Magazine Teacher Tools -
Rubrics for Web Lessons -
Project-Based Learning Checklists -                      

Guidelines for Rubric Development -              
Mrs. Mitchell's page of assorted rubrics -

F. Evaluating web sites and citing web pages

      Evaluating and Citing Internet Resources from Midlink Magazine

      Citing Sources in Bibliographies - University of Wisconsin - Platteville

      Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Critical Evaluation Criteria

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - or 
     Why It's A Good Idea to Evaluate Web Sites? Examples, suggestions, criteria, bibliography

     How To Evaluate a Web Page from Colorado State University Libraries

    Evaluating Web Sites -

   Real or Fake Websites?

1. Mankato, MN Site 1 or Site 2  - Which is the real website???
2. Americans With No Abilities Act -
3. Feline Reactions to Bearded Men
4. California Velcro Crop Under Challenge -
5. Women and AIDS -
6. Dihydrogen Monoxide Research -
       Check out
7. The Jackalope Conspiracy -
8. RYT Hospital at Dwayne Medical Center -
         Also Male Pregnancy
9. The White House  -

10. CyberCamera take a picture from your computer

Derek, the Traveler -
12. How To Tell If Your Head Is About to Explode -

13. Bio-Hazard Alert Detector -

14. Working With Idiots Can Kill You - medical study
15. Driver's License Search -

G. Doing Searches - Directories, Search engines, Meta-search engines

Search tips from major search engines and directories

Yahoo Google AltaVista Alltheweb Dogpile

Bare Bones 101 - SC Library Tutorial on Searching the Web

Web Search Strategies - includes tutorial and practice

       Kathy Schrock's Guide/Slide Shows for Search Engines (takes a while to view all the slides)

Search engines tips, resources, and ratings

The Best Search Engines -

The Spider's Apprentice - How to Do Web Searches


A. One computer in the classroom activities:

Weather - Intellicast or The Weather Channel or The Weather Underground
Printable Maps from National Geographic -
Daily Almanac - This Day in History and Word of the Day -
Tides - information about NH -
Moon Phases - check out the moon's phase during the school day -
               also past and future - what was the moon like on your birthday?
Strategies and Applications from Linda Burkhart -

B. Online Scavenger Hunts:

Education World Scavenger Hunts -
Inventors and Inventions -
Green Valley Area Education Agency 14 - Creston, IA -
Jerrie Cheek's Scavenger Hunt pages -
How To Use Scavenger Hunts from South Carolina -
Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunts -
Webhound's Scavenger Hunt- from Alan Levine - Maricopa old but good
Explore Alaska Hunts for grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-12  (answers included)
Internet Scavenger Hunts - 
Scavenger Hunts collected by Mrs. Mitchell -

C. Webquests:

Bernie Dodge - The Webquest Page - Find out all about webquests
Webquest Collections - Go to Top - Midling and New
Building Blocks of a WebQuest from Hobart -
Web Quest article explains how to use WQ even if you don't have a computer -
Rubric for Evaluating Web Quests
Fifth Grade Webquests collected by Mrs. M

Various webquests collected by Mrs. M

D. Projects - Select one - Get ideas for your own project or see How to Get Started:

Collaborative Projects from CIESE

Kidlink -
Kidproj -

Linda Burkhart's Suggestions -

Designs for Telecollaboration and Telepresence examples from from Judi Harris

Landmark Game - from KIDPROJ at KIDLINK - old but check the archives

Jason Project -

Journey North - Wildlife Migration from Annenberg/CPB -

NASA Interactive projects

Classroom of the Future -  Environmental projects

Nicknacks -  How to set up projects/suggested projects -

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic - email and activities

GLOBE Project - (requires training but the site has lessons)

Postcard Geography -  (cost of stamps and postcards?)

Classroom Connect - money)

Internet 4 classrooms -

Educational Cyber Playground -

                                **Get some ideas about what other teachers are doing**

Debra Kay Logan's Taft Library Media Center super web pages about Internet use

Susan Seagraves - Quest page from Georgia - Gifted and Talented program

Carolyn Hinshaw from Bellingham - fifth grade classroom - all types of activities

Mrs. Barnard's Learning Central and Internet Resources - quite some sites!

Tami Maloney from Virginia - fifth grade

Mr. Leahy's Fourth Grade Classroom - Oregon Trail site
               plus human body brochures

Web sites from Utah

Fredonia, NY, web site

Dr. Lebeau's Web Page -

Mrs. Inoue's Hot Links -

 West Loogootee Elementary School in Indiana 
        Old page has a section on integrating the Internet

Pleasant Grove Elementary School -

Concord Elementary School, Edina, MN


Stagg High School Internet Resources - links for every discipline

Integrate the Internet from South Carolina Library

     Lesson Plans Online -


1. Send an electronic postcard
2. Explore different Ask-A-Scientist sites/collect questions for your students to find answers
3. Compare and contrast two online news pages
4. Design a keypals project
5. Go to the Multnomah web site to see what is there
6. Sign up for a listserv
7. Check out Quia games or make a page at Filamentality
8. Develop a hotlist for a topic your class will study
9. Collect and print Internet lesson plans
10. Design an electronic field trip for your class/use web cams
11. Develop an activity from one of the museums
12. Find a rubric for use in your classroom
13. Create a lesson on evaluating web sites
14. Use several search engines to collect Internet sites for your use
15. Select or create a web quest for use in your classroom
16. Find an Internet project that interests you
17. Design an Internet project with your class and others at your school
18. Develop a web page for a topic you teach
19. Create a scavenger hunt for your class
20. Begin a classroom web page

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