LIGHT for Kids

Light and Its Properties -
The Science of Light - Annenberg/CPB -

Light for Kids -

Optics for Kids - requires Flash -
Optics for Kids - text -

Light and Shadows games -

Bob Miller's Light Walk -
"Snacks" about light -

ProTeacher sites about why the sky is blue and sunsets are red

Light Tour - Discover the Mysteries of Light

Learn about Light -
      Light videos -                     

Physics4Kids -

Optics For Kids -

Light and Color from Mrs. Susan Stein  

Of Light and Lenses from PBS Cyber School

Light Topics -

How Far Does Light Go? Lesson for teachers to use

Electromagnetic Spectrum lesson from NASA

Explore Light - vocabulary, web sites, activities

BBC Science Clips -
  ages 4-11 - clips and info
  ages 7-8 -

  ages 14-16 -

Experiments from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
    Direct and Diffuse Light experiment
    Light and Heat
    Reflectivity and Absorption

Lessons on the Nature of Light for middle school students from MSP2,_Optics,_and_Lenses

Utah Education Network - lesson plans on light

Experiments from the Exploratorium:
   The Disappearing Glass Rods
   Critical Angle
   Convection Currents -
   How to Build a Light Island
Light Waves and Color -


Light and Shadows -

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