Can you figure out these 
MAP anagrams?

The capital letters can be rearranged
to form the name of a place.

1. ANNA and TOM went to this state. (LR)

2. When a MOB took over a BAY in this city in India, many people fled. (LR)

3. There is a NICE LAD in this European country. (AC-G)

4. People in this country SEW in a DEN. (AC-G)

5. RAP IS common in this French city. (AM)

6. A lot MORE people live in this Italian city than in Concord. (AM)

7. RON, CAL And I asked IF we could play together in this state. (KL)

8. RUE Please practice before we go to this South American country. (KL)

9. AID-IN this Asian country - it is very hot and the Indian Ocean boarders it. (JP)

10. My aunt SUe AND her son love going to this country in Africa that borders the Red Sea. (JP)

11. After he got LICE He had to go to the doctor is a country in South America. (MC)

12. ROY KNEW that he had to go home to a city in America. (MC)

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