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Math Sites
from the American Library Association

Maths Challenge -
monthly problems and archives

Math Help from WyzAnt Tutoring

Seasonal Puzzling and Perplexing Math Problems - Levering Science Magnet School

Math Challenges from Figure This!

Math Word Problems for kids

Math Problem-Solving Strategies
 Florida Department of Education Strategies for Teachers

Math in the News -

Polyominoes from Cynthia Lanius

The Math Forum: (at Drexel) for Students:

    *Ask Dr. Math
     *Chameleon Graphing - coordinates, negative/positive numbers
     *An Introduction to the Coordinate Plane
     *Divisibility Rules
    *Elementary Student Center
     *Fun and Interesting math
      *Math Tips and Tricks
Problems and Puzzles for Elementary Students

MegaMathematics from Los Alamos:
    Map coloring Activities

Introduction to Algebra from the Math League

Mrs. Mitchell's Algebra Page

Interesting Facts about Numbers from InterMath in Georgia

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally - also known as PEMDAS (audio)

Barbara J. Feldman's Fun With Math

Metric Converters


          Place Value Game

 Visual Fractions - games and instruction

 Fun Brain Math games for grades 1-5

 Easy Math Games

 Stock Market Games

   Information about stocks

 Reading a Maximum/Minimum Thermometer

Exponents Games  -

Fractals from Shodor
Fractals from Rice

Totally Tesselated - a Thinkquest Project

Create a Graph

Games Wheel

Data Picking Game plus more

   More BBC activities about data:

Roman Numeral Conversion
   For dates and numbers under 4999 -
   Charts of dates
   Conversion plus self tests


Gamequarium Math Games

Lemonade Stand
- Interactive game - scroll down

Fraction Bars

Pattern Blocks

Tangram Games

Online coordinate graphing:
Coordinates - easy, medium, hard -
  Simple coordinates game -
  Maze Game with coordinates -

Math Manipulatives online for kids and teachers

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