Grade 4 Math Goals Aligned with Math Games
Everyday Math Games are listed in blue.
Van De Wall activities are listed in

Secure Skills

Learning Goals



 1a Use a compass and straightedge to construct
     geometric figures


 1b Identify properties of polygons  Name That Polygon
D  1c Classify quadrangles according to side and
     angle properties
 Touch and Match It Quadrangles
S  1d Name, draw, and label angles, lines, and
S  1e Name, draw, and label angles, triangles,
     and quadrangles
 Geometry 5 Questions
 Touch and Match It Quadrangles
S  1f Identify and describe right angles,
     parallel lines, and line segments
S  1g Solve addition and subtraction facts  Top IT
 VDW pp. 162-167
D  2a Display data with a line plot, bar graph
     or tally chart
D  2b Use the statistical landmarks median, mode,
     and range
S  2c Use the statistical landmarks maximum
     and minimum
S  2d Have a successful strategy for subtracting
     multidigit numbers
 Subtraction Top-It
 Subtraction Target Practice

 VDW pp. 166 + 167
S  2e Have a successful strategy for adding
    multi-digit numbers
 Addition Top-It
 VDW pp. 162, 163, 165
S  2f Read and write numerals to hundred-millions;
     give the value of the digits to
 High Number Toss
S  2g Give equivalent names for numbers  Name That Number
B  5a Use exponential notation to represent
     powers of 10
D  5b Solve extended multiplication facts  Beat the Calculator
 VDW p.169
D  5c Make magnitude estimates for products
    of multi-digit numbers
D  5d Solve multi-digit multiplication problems  VDW p.169
D  5e Round whole numbers to a given place  
D  5f Read and write numbers to billions; name
     the values of digits in numerals to billions
S  5g Compare large numbers  Number Top-It/ High Number Toss
S  5h Estimate sums