Three states of matter illustrated with purple dots           

Properties of Matter

States of Matter

Chem4Kids - Matter

IPPEX Interactive Matter Lessons -

Atoms, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures - Grade 5

Matter and Energy - Grade 4

Matter and Its Changes for Grade 5 from Saskatchewan, Canada - includes activities and worksheets

Matter and Its Changes

Matter Experiments

Matter from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory - SCIMATH

Matter - Honey I Shrunk the Third Grade from College Station, Texas

Periodic Table Bingo    

Playing With Polymers

Properties of Matter

States of Matter from Pinterest

Matter Lesson Plan from Washington and Lee

Science Netlinks : A Matter of State - Lesson Plans
    Matter of State

    Melt and Freeze
    Sink or Float?
    Hot and Cold Colors

SMILE Program Physics-Matter and Chemistry
Ice Cream in A Bag   
States of Matter Lesson Plans -

Structure of Matter

                       Matter and Heat - 

                       Water Magic -

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