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Interactive Introduction to the Middle Ages -
        History for Kids - History + timeline, religion, clothing, food  -

        Mr. Donn -

        Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport to the Middle Ages -

        Eyewitness to History - Annenberg CPB Middle Ages -

        Wikipedia -

        dmoz -

        Exploring Ancient World Cultures Middle Ages -

        Social Studies for Kids -

        Mrs. Sunda's class site -

        Timelines of Events -

        Bullfinch's Mythology -

        SCORE Resources from California -

         Mrs. LeDuc suggests:

        The End of Europe's Middle Ages - a tutorial from University of Calgary - excellent but high  reading level needed

        A Medieval Scavenger Hunt - topical categories


Europe maps
A Medieval Atlas -
A Periodical Historical Atlas -
Medieval Sourcebook -

      Art: Medieval art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art -

Art of the Middle Ages -

            Bayeaux Tapestry -
History for Kids -
Medieval Art from University of Minnesota -
Web Gallery of Art -
   Wikipedia Art -

       Black Death:


    NGS Castles -
Castles Learning Center - lots of good stuff  including what did they have for bathrooms?
            Castles -
            Castles of the World -

            Build a Medieval Castle – download the free program and print the different parts -
                    Putting the castle together -  
Kids' Castle -
            Cardboard Box Castle -
            Make Merlin’s Castle – print outs -
Castle Page -         
            The Castles of Wales -
Castle trivia -
            Building a castle -

British -

            French -

            The Cathedrals of Britain -

Cathedrals of the Middle Ages -

            Cathedrals of the Middle Ages -

            Cathedral vocabulary and picture links and worksheets -

Chivalry:  Kidzone –   (nobles)

                            Chivalry, heraldry, tournaments, and more -

                            The Art of Chivalry -

    Clothing:    Medieval Clothing -
                            Medieval Clothing -
                            Clothing of the Middle Ages -
                            Footwear of the Middle Ages -
                            Introduction to clothing -
                            Hat quiz -
 Elizabethan Clothing page -

       Crusades:     CyberSleuth -
                                History for Kids Crusades -
                                Medieval Crusades -
                                Mr. Dowling's Crusades and the Rise of Islam -
                                University of Calgary -
                                What Did A Crusader Wear? -
                                FactMonster -

Food:   Tales of the Middle Ages Food and Drink -
                       A Boke (Book) of Gode (Good) Cookery -
                       Herbs in Medieval Life -
                       Kingdom of Acre -
                       History for Kids Food -
                       Medieval Food -

       Feudal Life:
                       Camelot Village's Medieval Life -
                       Life in Middle Ages

       Medieval Life -

       Games:  Medieval Games -
                        Games of Anglo-Saxons -
                        Medieval Games -

                     Beginner's Guide to Heraldry

                     Wikipedia -
                     Heraldry for kids -
                     Shield designs -
                     Intro, beasts, vocab -
                     Heraldry Game -
Make Your Own Coat of Arms (shield) -
    Heraldry Symbols -

Peasant homes -

                       Homes -
                       Houses -

       King Arthur:  
                    Arthur for Kids -
Merrie Haskell's story of King Arthur

                    King Arthur -

       Knights:    Knights
                           Knight's life



                               Ballads -
                               Robin Hood and the Monk -
                               Language -

                               Printing -
                               Gutenberg -

       Monks and the Church :

   Life in a Medieval Monastery -
   Map of a Medieval Monastery
   Virtual Abbey -

       Music:  Overview -
                       Medieval Life -

                       Explanation -
                       History -

                       Medieval Instruments -
Wikipedia Music of Middle Ages -

            People of the Middle Ages

            Occupations of the Middle Ages
Eleanor of Aquitaine
            People of the Middle Ages


       Robin Hood:


       Tournaments: Tournaments -
                                       Jousting -

                                       Joust page -
                                       Tournaments -
                                       Wikipedia Tournaments -


              Middle Ages Clip art :

     Ideas for Teachers:
            Mrs. Donn's Lesson Plans - 
            Medieval Webquests -



            Journey Through the Middle Ages Webquest -
            Create a Skit for the King Webquest -

  Vocabulary Games for Middle Ages from Jennifer Cahill -

  Middle Ages Projects from Jefferson Township Schools -

  Castle Builder Activity from California -

  Special lessons about the Middle Ages from Education World -

  Medieval Times -

  DiscoverySchool -

  Jerrie Cheek's Middle Ages and Castles and Knights web pages

  The Middle Ages from A to Z -

  ProTeacher -

  Tapestry in the Middle Ages - 

  Middle Ages for fifth grade -  Creating a Medieval Village

  Middle Ages Art and Architecture -

  Middle Ages Scavenger Hunt -

  Medieval Feasts -

  Middle Ages games for kids today - 

  Middle Ages for Grade 3 -
                            Grade 5 -

  Late Middle Ages activities for students

  Not Everyone Lived in Castles -

  Medieval Fun Day -

  The Middle Ages - 12 Activities for Grades 4-5 -

  Sworn to Serve Webquest -

  Destroy the Castle Interactive Game -


Adam of the Road - Elizabeth Janet Gray

Beowulf - A long version
                Online version

 Summary -
 Lesson plan -

Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain

The Door in The Wall - Marguerite De Angeli

King Arthur -

The Midwife's Apprentice by Karen Cushman

Sir Lancelot -

A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver - E. L. Konigsburg

Robin Hood - a play by Tennyson -
     stories -

The Second Mrs. Giaconda - E. L. Konigsburg
     flashcards -

Castle from 
Knight from Metropolitan Museum of Art
Crusaders from
Midi from

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