The Earth's Moon 

Go to and
to find information.

1. What are the two basic types of regions on the Moon's surface?


2. What are two features beside craters and mountain ranges?


3. Describe the layers of the moon.

4.What are the temperatures on the moon?

5. Select the link to moon phases. Copy the diagram in your notebook.

6. Select names of phases. What is the "handy way" to remember?

7. Go Back two screens to Frequently Asked Questions. Read them all. Select one
    that you enjoyed. Write one thing you learned.

8. Go to this link:
   List 8 facts about the moon and use them to make a "Meet the Moon" Poster.

9. Go to Moon Myths (
Select a myth and rewrite it or tell it to the class.

10. Take the Moonlight Madness Quiz