My Side of the Mountain
by Jean George

I Hole Up  in a Snowstorm - Where and when does this story take place?
                                                   Why may the storm be dying down?
                                                   Describe the boy's family.
                                                   Why is this land "just the place for a Gribley"?
                                                   Make a sketch of the cave as you envision it.

I Get Started on This Venture - How do you suppose he will use the penknife, cord,
                                                                 flint, ax, and money in the wilderness?
                                                         What are the rules for building a fire?
                                                         Why did he describe the stream as "athletic"?

Finding Gribley's Farm -  How did Sam find his farm?
Useful Plants - Make a list of 5 of the 11 types of trees mentioned in this section.

     What were the good starchy foods that Sam found in the marsh?

The Old, Old Tree - What kind of tree is it?
                                    How did Sam find water?

I Meet One of My Own Kind - describe the human and the animal
                                    For extra credit, what's mumbly peg?

The King's Provider -  How did Sam acquire the bird?
                                         How did Sam name his bird?

The First Man - Make a list of the five senses. Then connect
                            "things" in this section to each of the senses.

I Learn to Season My Food -  Why did Sam call the weasel The Baron?
                                                     How did Sam make salt?

A Door -  Make a list of strong verbs that the author uses.

Frightful's ABC's -  How did Sam make flour?
                                    How did Sam train Frightful?

I Find a Real Live Man - Who was Jessie Coon James? Was he the real live man?
                                             What kind of food did Frightful provide?
                                             What plants did Sam use to make foods taste better?
                                             The man calls Sam, Thoreau.  Who was Thoreau?
                                             What does Bando teach Sam?

Autumn -  Frightful flies away. What does she do?
                    Frightful almost dies because.......?

Halloween -  Describe some of the events at the Halloween party.
                        What was the lesson Sam learned that night?

Hunters - How did Sam use the hunters to his advantage?

Trouble Begins - Why do you think Sam decided to go to town that Sunday?
                               What big mistake had he made?

Wood and Winter  -  How did Sam arrange the wood?
                                      What did Sam do at night during the cold winter?

Birds and People - Who were the "people"?
                                   What did Sam do for Christmas?
                                   Bando brings what interesting news to Sam?
                                   What do you think about Sam's parents letting him camp out from May until December?

Spring in the Snow - How does the weather affect Sam?
                                       Why does he call the nuthatch a barometer? What does a barometer do?
                                       Describe the ice storm.
                                       What was Sam's medical problem in January?

My Story's End -  How is Sam finally discovered? Did he want to be?

I Cooperate - How do the words "together " and "everyday" describe this chapter?

The City Comes to Me -  What did you think of the ending to the story?
                                             What do you suppose happened next?