New Hampshire Scavenger Hunt Answers:

1. New Hampshire was named after a county in England called Hampshire.
    Find a map of that county.
2. The state nickname is "The Granite State". Why is it called that?
3. NH adopted its flag in 1909. In the center is the NH state seal.
   Describe the state seal?
4. The state bird is the purple finch. What bird did it beat out for this title?
5. The state mineral is beryl; the state gem is smoky quartz. What color is beryl?
    What's another name for the smoky quartz?

6. The state rock is granite.
7. On the state emblem is a replica of the Old Man of the Mountain surrounded by
    the words 'State of New Hampshire' and the state motto, which is "Live Free Or Die".
8. The state amphibian is the spotted newt.
9. The state butterfly is the Karner Blue  and it is, indeed, blue.
10. NH's Freshwater fish is the Brook trout; the saltwater fish is the striped bass.

11. Celia Thaxter is NH's best-known female poet of the nineteenth century.
12. Thaxter was born in Portsmouth and lived on the Isles of Shoals (White Island, Appledore).
13. There is only one town listed under 'U' and it is Unity.
14. Eunice 'Goody' Cole was born in 1590, and she was the only NH woman convicted of witchcraft.
15. Elizabeth Gardener Bouguereau was the first woman to exhibit a painting at the French Academy
     of Art and the first American woman to be awarded a gold medal by the Academy.

16. Hale campaigned for Thanksgiving to be a national holiday.
17. Red Rolfe played for Dartmouth College and the New York Yankees.
18. The NH quarter honors the Old Man of the Mountain. It also has nine stars to show that
      New Hampshire was the ninth state to ratify the constitution.
19. The original name of Mt. Washington was Agiocochook, and it was first climbed by Darby
      Field in 1642.
20. Good luck!


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