New Hampshire Scavenger Hunt 


1. How did New Hampshire get its name?
    (New Hampshire Senate Page for Kids)

2. What is New Hampshire's nickname?
    (New Hampshire Senate Page for Kids)

3. When did New Hampshire adopt its state flag and what is in the center of it?
    (The New Hampshire Almanac)

4. What is the state bird of New Hampshire?
    (The New Hampshire Almanac)

5. What is the state mineral? Name the state gem.
    (The New Hampshire Almanac)

6. What is the state rock?
    (New Hampshire Senate Page for Kids)

7. What is pictured on the state emblem, and what is the motto?
    (The New Hampshire Almanac)

8. What is the New Hampshire amphibian?
The New Hampshire Almanac)

9. What is the state butterfly and what is its color?
    (The New Hampshire Almanac)

10. Name New Hampshire's freshwater and saltwater fishes?
     (The New Hampshire Almanac)

11. Who is New Hampshire's best-known female poet of the nineteenth century?
     (Seacoast NH)

12. Where was the poet above born and what island was her home?
     (Seacoast NH)

13. Which letter of the alphabet has only one town listed and what is the name of the town?
     (New Hampshire Cities and Towns)

14. What famous New Hampshire woman was born in 1590 and what did she do?
     (Seacoast NH)

15. Who was Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau?
     (Seacoast NH)

16. Sarah Josepha Hale from Newport, NH, was known for campaigning for what holiday to be
     recognized nationally? (
S. J. Hale)

17. Red Rolfe was a star baseball player for what college and what major league baseball team?
     (Red Rolfe)

18. What does the New Hampshire quarter, from the US Mint, honor?
     (US Mint)

19. Mount Washington is the tallest mountain in New Hampshire. What was its original name and
     who was the first person to climb the mountain in 1642?
     (Mount Washington)

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