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History of the Olympics

Another History of the Olympic Games

Olympic Timelines

Olympic Primer - history and information

Winter Olympics Through the Years

Summer Olympics Through the Years

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The Real Story about the Ancient Olympic Games

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Past Olympics:


  The London Summer Olympics  - July 27 - August 12, 2012 -    London Olympic symbol

The 2012 Summer Olympics -

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Torino, Italy February 2006

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Main Site Athens 2004 and Athens 2004
    Look of Athens
    Olympic Torch
    Competition Schedule
    Olympic Countries
    Interesting Facts

Sports Illustrated 2004 Olympic Games in Athens

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Olympics 2004 from FactMonster

Kids'Turn Central - websites for kids

The Olympics for Kids -
      Mrs. Jackson's Class - (scroll down the page for Vancouver)

Sports Illustrated for 2002 Olympics

Photos from past Olympics -

The Winter Olympics for Kids from 4th graders at Pocantico Hills School

Yak's Corner Magazine - The 2002 Winter Olympics

For Teachers:

Olympics Stuff from abcteach -
first section is about Olympics activities; scroll down to Greek info
    Includes Olympic vocabulary, trivia, rings, motto, medal count
        activities and more

Education World -

Thematic Units -

Olympics Activities from EdHelper

Dummer Olympics for Kids - fun games with straws

Enchanted Learning for Kids - The Winter Olympics in Athens

Olympic Curriculum Guide from the Amateur Athletic Foundation

Light the Fire Within - Activities by grade level and discipline -
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Live From Ancient Olympia lesson plan from EdSitement

The MiniMetric Olympics from AIMS

The Math Olympics from Springfield, IL

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