The Printer's Apprentice
By Stephen Krensky

Chapter 1 - What are the Dutch names for Brooklyn and New York?
                  Why is Gus doing work as an apprentice?
                  Why were the two sailors staggering?
                  Why are the two sailors trying to kidnap Gus?

Chapter 2 - How would you describe Master Bradford?
                 What are foes (p.12)?
                 Describe the Squire.

Chapter 3 - Describe how to make paper.
                 What does Gus's mother think of the governor?
                 What does Gus think of his mother's opinion of the governor?

Chapter 4 - What does the word taunt mean?
                  How did Gus and Zach become friends?
                  What does Zach think about Peter Zenger? What does Gus think about him?

Chapter 5 - What are the two new inventions that have been described in this book?
                  How does the Governor behave while Gus is in the room?

Chapter 6 - What is a colonial library like?
                  What happens to Peter Zenger? Why?

Chapter 7 - What surprise announcement does Zach make to Gus?
                  How do they save the child who falls through the ice?

Chapter 8 - How does Gus pass on the message to William Smith?

Chapter 9 - Describe Andrew Hamilton.
                  What advice does Gus's mother give him as he tries to make a decision?

Chapter 10 - Gus is lucky after he drops the letter and the Squire sees it. Describe what happens.
                    What does the saying about fish and visitors mean?

Chapter 11 - How are the two lawyers different?

Chapter 12 - What has happened to Gus since Chapter 11 ended?