Quilt Directions

    1. Cut 6 muslin squares that are 10 1/2 inches for each student.

    2. Cut 2 1/2 inch strips of calico fabric for the borders of each square.

    3. Sew a 10 1/2 inch strip of calico to the left and right sides of the muslin square.

    4. Sew a 15 inch strip of calico to the top and bottom of the muslin square.

    5. Iron the square and calico borders.


    6. Students cut large and medium fabric shapes from assorted 100% cotton material for their quilt square designs.

    7. Students cut bonding material the same size as each fabric shape with the rough/bubbly side toward
       the back of the fabric.

    8. Iron the paper back of the bonding material and remove the paper when cool. The back of the fabric will be shiny.

    9. Iron the fabric on the quilt square with the shiny side down.

    10. Students may want to add details using fabric paint, buttons, rick-rack, and/or permanent fabric markers.

Making the Quilt:

    11. Sew the top two quilt squares together matching the seam in the middle. Use a 1/4 inch seam.
        Sew the middle two quilt
squares together matching the seam in the middle. Do the same with the bottom
        two quilt squares. Then join the top tier
with the middle and lower tiers until you have a
        two square by three square quilt top.

    12. Place the batting on the floor and smooth out all the wrinkles. Cut batting a bit larger all the way around than the
         quilt square top.

    13. Cut a piece of muslin backing a bit larger all around than the quilt square top. Place on top of the batting.

    14. Place the quilt top upside down on the batting and muslin.

    15. Sew around the edge of the quilt "sandwich" leaving an opening on one side of about 12 inches.

    16. Trim the extra batting and muslin from around the four sides of the quilt top.

    17. Turn the quilt top inside out so the top shows with the muslin backing. The batting will be on the inside.

    18. Fold over the unsewn part of the quilt and pin together.

    19. Whipstitch the section (#18) with thread.


   20. Make ties every 5-6 inches across and down the quilt to hold the batting together.
        Add any decorations that you feel will enhance your quilt but remember that you want it to
        still be warm and comfortable for you to use.

    Graphics thanks to Bear Paw Quilting

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