The History of Quilts in America

American Tradition by Gail Lang (5 part web page) -
    "Quilts are regarded as significant reflections of our country's history from the 1700's."

America's Quilting History -
    "As settlers and soldiers moved west they brought quilts with them. Native Americans were fascinated with these new bedcoverings. Quilting was also introduced to Native Americans by missionaries who sought to "civilize" the natives by teaching them traditional European homemaking skills. Native American quilters soon found creative ways to incorporate their own cultural designs into their quilts."

    In New England as elsewhere, quilts were influenced by the lives of those who lived there, and for many New Englanders the overwhelming force in their lives was the ocean. The mighty north Atlantic pounds the coast and provides nourishment, livelihood and danger to the inhabitants of the coast. Many traditional quilt patterns honor this influential neighbor!"

Discerning Between Fact and Myth in Quilting History - important to read

Cryptology and the Slave Quilts - and

    The account of quilts and the Underground Railroad at these sites are disputed at the site above. Be sure to read all accounts.

History of Quilting -

Patches of the Past -
    "In early America eagles were a popular motif in appliqué and in quilting. Later the Civil War inspired both Union and Secession quilts. Union enthusiasts favored red, white and blue quilts with stars and stripes. Secession quilts often included a circle of seven stars to representing the Confederate states. As Americans moved westward quilters celebrated the establishment of each state with quilts."

    "Favored colors were Prussian blue, Turkey red and cinnamon pink. Greens, yellows and browns were also used. We are often led to think the colors were rather drab because colors on the quilts from this period have usually faded or even changed color."

The Quilt Channel History of Quilts -
    "Quilts have long been descriptive symbols of America."

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