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Myths, Folk Tales, and Fairy Tales
Plus More

MythsFolk Tales - Tall Tales - Drama  - Poetry - Dolch Lists - Spelling - Writing 

World Myths - Fantastic site from Christopher B. Siren

   World Mythology by culture         

Folk Tales  and Fairy Tales - Great site from Richard Darsie

   Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends, and Myths from Embracing the Child

   American Folktales - suggested ideas

   Folk Tales, Legends -

   Regional Folklore and Mythology

Tall Tales:

Tall Tales
   What is a Tall Tale? Powerpoint

Animated Tall Tales

      Tall Tales from Boston's Lee School

      Tall Tale Character descriptions

     Tall Tales Webquest

      Tall Tales Lesson -

      Wonderful World of Tall Tales
      Davy Crockett Lesson Plan -    

      Tall Tales Guidelines -
          How To

       Tall Tales and Tricksters -

           Compact for Reading & School-Home Links from DOE
                    Kindergarten -
                    Grade One -
                    Grade Two -

                    Grade Three -
           Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices from DOE

    Standards for the English Language Arts from NCTE

    Tips for Faster Reading

    Fairrosa Cyber Library Reading Room- online text of classics, folktales, stories, rhymes, and more
Fairrosa Cyber Library authors and their web pages

Dolch Basic Word List -

Dolch Kit includes lots of games -
Dolch Sight Word Lists -

Dolch Word Flash Cards -



Reader's Theater Editions - scripts online

Team Scripting and script collections

Creative Drama Resources -

The Drama Teacher's Resource Room

Dramatic Play Activities -                 

Improv Games -

Poetry Theater -

Whootie Owl's Free Play Scripts -

Abbott and Costello's Who's On First -

ProTeacher Drama Resources -

Free (or almost free) plays and skits:
      Fairy Tales on Mars

      The Spoiled Baloney Man -
Fun Scripts (includes Monty Python) -
      Spooky skits


Poetry Templates -

Writing Poetry from Regie Routman

Poetry for Kids
How To Teach Poetry, Poetry Theater, and Activities web site

Rhyming Words Dictionary - type in a word, get a rhyming word, a synonym, or more

Writing Haiku -  a how-to guide

Poets' Corner and more - large collection of famous poems -  listed alphabetically

Magnetic Poetry - online - click and drag word tiles

Poetry from Pro Teacher - web sites for teaching poetry

Types of Poetry for Kids from Mrs. Mitchell


Spelling for Kids and Teachers -

Spelling City -

50 commonly misspelled words
   Test -

Spelling Lists and Activities for Grades K-12from edHelper

Fun Brain Spelling - easy to hard tests

Guidelines for Spelling and Six Ways to Practice


Writing Activities
Lessons for Teaching about Fables, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends, Myths, Tall Tales

Thundering Tall Tales Lesson Plans -

Teachers and Writers Collaborative

More writing links from Mrs. Mitchell - includes 6 Traits links

Parts of Speech -
                    Word Invasion game -

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