Start with a group of letters.
Remove the letters (in order) to make one word,
and the remaining letters will make another word.
No letters will be left over.
We have given you clues to help you solve this word game.

    1. HUCMAARN - Remove the people and leave the van(MF)

    2. STBAURRST - Remove the sun and leave the explosion(CH)

    3. WPANOLTHFER - Remove the cat and leave the dog(AH)

    4. MAPACLOREN - Remove the treeand leave the nut(JH)

    5. MIMINNICKEEY - Remove the girl mouse and leave the boy mouse(BD)

    6. SWPIEDEBR - Remove the bug and leave the home(MSo)

    7. CMOFFUGEE - Remove the drink and leave the cup (PS)

    8. EDSUTCUATDORENT - Remove the teacher and leave the kid (NG)

    9. RFABOBIXT - Remove the prey and leave the predator(SHS)

   10. WHAOXLDER - Remove the candle and leave the candlestick container (PJ)

   11. NCESRUTNCLEH - Remove the chocolate and leave the bite(MCa)


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