Revolutionary War


Overview of the Revolutionary War - Outline of American History -
   includes biographies, essays, and documents

Revolutionary War Unit from Greentown Elementary North Canton, OH

American Revolution web sites

American Revolution

American Revolution Timeline from The History Place

American Revolution timeline from PBS -       
Newspaper Chronicles -

Early America -
Archiving Early America -
   Games -
   Quizzes -


Revolutionary War events from US

Revolutionary War sites - National Parks

Battles - maps and information -
   Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and Trenton - Bennington - Saratoga  

Major battles of the War (a table) -

      War for Independence -

Spy Letters of the American Revolution

Declaration of Independence:
 Library of Congress -
     Early America -
     National Archives -
     *Users Guide to the Declaration of Independence -
     Biographies of the signers of the Declaration -
       More Biographies -
     Transcript of the Declaration -  
     Transcript of the Constitution -
     Transcript of the Bill of Rights -

PBS - American Revolution - Liberty! -
   Road to Revolution game

Boston Massacre video -

War of Independence -

Photographs of Revolutionary War battle sites and reenactments
   Blog -


      George Washington - Library of Congress -
Letters of George Washington - from University of Virginia (see acrostics)

         George Washington games for kids -
           lesson plans -

      Martha Washington -


      John Adams - second president -

         John Adams and the Boston Massacre - lesson plans for a trial -

      Abigail Adams - wife of second president -

      Samuel Adams - American patriot and revolutionary

      Ethan Allen - American hero -
                Reading and quiz -

      Major John Andre - British spy -
Wiki -

      Benedict Arnold - American traitor -
       Wiki -
       Teacher's Guide from Cobblestone Magazine about Arnold

      Crispus Attucks - African American hero -
            Wiki -

      Josiah Bartlett -


      John Burgoyne -


      George Rogers Clark -

      Charles Cornwallis -

      Benjamin Franklin Patriot, inventor, statesman

        Ben Franklin for Kids-
        The Electric Ben Franklin -
Worksheet to accompany the Ben Franklin web site - click here
        After researching above, try the quiz at

      Thomas Gage - British general - biography

      Horatio Gates -

      Nathanael Greene - Quartermaster -

      Nathan Hale - Connecticut hero -

   Wiki -
        Nathan Hale for Kids includes facts and activities -

      John Hancock - Signer of Declaration -

      Patrick Henry - Virginia Orator -

      William Howe - British General -,_5th_Viscount_Howe

      Thomas Jefferson - Writer of the Declaration and President


          Explore Monticello where Thomas Jefferson lived -
          **Jefferson worksheet -
          Teacher's Guide for Cobblestone Magazine about Jefferson

      John Paul Jones - Naval hero -

      Thaddeus Kosciuszko -

       Marquis de Lafayette -
            Google book about Lafayette

      Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion military leader from South Carolina
           Google book about Marion plus another Google book

           Teacher's Guide for 2001 Cobblestone issue about Francis Marion

      James Otis - lawyer and revolutionary -


      Thomas Paine
           Read Thomas Paine's Common Sense -

      Kasimir Pulaski (also Casimir) - Chicago Public Library -

      Paul Revere -
           Paul Revere in NH? from SeacoastNH -
           The Midnight Ride -

      Betsy Ross - 
              Revolutionary War flags -

      Deborah Samson Fought in the Revolutionary War

      Haym Salomon -
           Haym Salomon and the dollar bill -
              The site above contains some mistakes - see

      Benjamin Tallmadge  Soldier/spy who captured Major Andre


           Newsday Stories about Tallmadge and the spies:

           The Culper Gang -

           The Setauket Spies -

                   Tench Tilghman - assistant to George Washington



      Mattthew Thornton -

      Baron von Steuben -

      William Whipple -

    Classroom Activities:

Activities for the  Revolution War from 42explore

American Revolution Webquest

Benjamin Franklin scavenger hunt

Boston Tea Party play -

The British Are Coming! Thinkquest activity

Causes of the American Revolution -

Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution -
   Patriots - 

Core Knowledge American Revolution for Grade 4
Drums Along the Mohawk - The American Revolution on the New York frontier

EDSITEment -
Events Leading to Revolution - PBS Chronicle of the Revolution -

Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and Constitution

Fun Games on the Revolutionary War - match the cards, follow Paul Revere, and word searches

Join the Revolution from Education World
Revolutionary War Scavenger Hunt -

Lesson Plans from Mr. Donn -

Lesson Plans -

Lots of other sites about the Revolutionary War - from Keene, NH

My Brother Sam is Dead Lesson Plan -

Paul Revere's Ride by Longfellow - poem -
  Lesson plan -

Revolutionary War Activities -

Make a Revolutionary War board game -

Jeopardy Powerpoint Template on the Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Internet Scavenger Hunt
  Another Scavenger Hunt -

Revolutionary War Lesson Plans - scroll down the page

Revolutionary War maps from American Memory

Revolutionary War Web Quest from Elise Mueller -

ABCs of the Revolutionary War - Webquest

American Revolutionary War Spy Webquest

Reader's Theater play about the Boston Massacre (page 23) with lesson plans

Act One for a Boston Massacre skit-

Another Boston Massacre skit

    Music from

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