Rhyming Poems

The Championship Swim Meet

"Take your mark"
the coach will bark.
Away off the blocks
three times the beepers will knock.
It's a freezing cold pool
but just for a fool.
Racing yards by 25
after the big dive.
Touch the wall
there is no ball.
But when I'm out
the crowd will shout.
'I won, I won!"
Gee, that was fun.
I pick up my metal and gold
I feel proud and bold.
Until the time when I reach the car
when I notice the trip home is quite far.



Six wonderful hues,
All right in a row,
No time to lose,
Gotta see the rainbow!

First comes red,
All bright and merry,
It's redder than a sled,
As red as a cherry.

Next is number two,
Same color as a fruit,
From the sky it looks at you,
And wears an orange suit.

Third is yellow,
Just like the sun,
Bright yellow's not mellow,
Like kids when school gets done.

Fourth comes green,
A common shade,
Green are beans,
Because that's how they're made!

Fifth is blue,
Like the waves in the sea,
It's like a mourning dove's coo--
Well, at least it is to me.

Purple is last,
What a sad, sad thing,
It seems like a part of the past,
But it's suit for a king!

That brings an end,
To our beautiful sight,
Hope to see you again . . .
I think I just might!

- Sammie


Walking in the class-room I see a funny thing
Looking all around, my mother saying nothing
The silence so queer I could barely stand
A cake in honor of my 11th birthday
That has just arrived
       I am now 11 and will be for now
Till this time next year


Solar System
Up in the solar system all the way up in the sky,
Are two gaseous figures up up oh so high.
The sun and the moon are different lengths away from earth,
But that doesn't mean they haven't rotated from birth.
The sun is a star unlike the moon,
Though the moon has craters that look like balloons.
The sun and the moon are different sizes we know,
The two figures also don't have atmospheres, which means "No snow."
At one point in your life you'll have seen the whole sun,
The moon is different with only one side to be seen like a hamburger bun.
Both have eclipses which are really cool,
And looking at them from earth people say the
sun and the moon will always rule.
The surface of the sun is bubbly and hot,
The moon can have hot temperatures someone thought.
Humans can not live on these places we love,
But the sun produces energy which the earth's supply is low of.
The sun has layers which are very important to it,
The sun and the moon both have or make seasons that have its important bits.
The sun and the moon have very important jobs which they don't get paid for,
And these two places of wonder are studied by Mrs. Mitchell's fifth grade.


Our London Trip

When you go to London remember to visit the queen.
There will be many beautiful, tall buildings older than you have ever seen.
You will have to eat breakfast, they always serve tea.
But go for the rolls and jam take it from me!
We went there you know, my family and I,
We rode on the top of a red double-decker bus that was ever so high.
At there Tower of London the Crowned Jewels will be there.
The actual rubies and diamonds the queen wore in her hair.
Now for lunch, it is bangers and mash, we ate on the dock.
We needed energy to see our next sight, Big Ben, the clock.
Sherlockís home, the steps of St. Paul's and Westminster Abby.
By now Iím beginning to get crabby.
We hopped on the train
As it started to rain.
The conductor called out " mind the gap."
I thought to myself " London is great, lets call it a wrap!"
 - Kate

The day was cold,
Both armies bold,
As hands grasped the ladders,
Ramparts were scaled,
Arrows were sailed,
But the French climbed the Tourelles.

Although Joan was hit in the shoulder,
The French continued to grow bolder,
Even slowly healing in a field,
She raised a fiery French revolt,
Just hit by a crossbow bolt,
Armor glistening white.

The English got cold feet,
And began a hasty retreat,
As French crawled out of Orleans,
Passing the cold river on boards,
Attacking English with sharp swords,
They set the Tourelles on fire.

English Captain Sir Glasdale,
Certainly looked very pale,
When they found him drowned in the river,
Sir Talbot ordered the English forts be left,
To avoid anymore French fort theft,
And so Orleans was freed.


It was 2001 the 26th of May,
When our soccer team stepped into the tournament of Memorial Day,
We were a U-11, the Concord Express,
And as we looked around we thought we could beat the rest,

Our first battle was against Cheshire wearing the color, Blue,
And we won that game with the score 1-2,
We won the rest of our games putting us in the lead,
Then we went home to get the sleep that we need,

It was the next day and only one game away from victory,
The game was so big it could make history,
As we looked around we noticed our opponents were, Cheshire,
The only thing we felt then was pressure,

The referee took away our tying goal,
It was a terrible call, even though he was old,
A tough loss it was witha score 0-1,
But was just the way things were done.