The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Some Activities

            1. Read the story of Roanoke
                        Who are the main characters?
                        What are the main events that happened? List them in order.

                  2. Read another version of the Roanoke story
                     How is it similar/different from the one above?

                  2a. Read about the Lost Colony from the National Park Services.
                             What were 4 problems the colonists faced?

                  3. Theories As to What Happened to the Lost ColonyMore theories
                       Choose one ( or develop your own theory) and be prepared to present your reasons why

                  4. Map of Roanoke

                  5. Check out the Web Quest about Roanoke.

                  6. Other sites:
                      KidInfo -
                      NPS -
                      National Geographic-
                      Wikipedia -
                      North Carolina State Library -

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