Using the Internet in the Classroom
Social Studies and Science Web Sites
Organized by Kathi Mitchell

1. Current Events:

Time for Kids -
Weekly Reader
Scholastic Magazine
Boston Globe
Concord Monitor
  Plus CNN Activities
New York Times
SI For Kids
New England Cable News -
USA Today -

        2. Daily Activities:

Weather -  The Weather Channel or Intellicast
                  or The Weather Underground
Moon Phases
US Facts - 50 -
Tides -

Daily Almanac - InfoPlease -
RefDesk -

        3. Ask An Expert:

Ask An Expert - Various experts  and career ed stuff from
Ask An Expert

The Mad Scientist - Ask A Scientist
Ask An Expert  from Scientific American -
Ask A Scientist DOE Science Education -
Ask a Biology question -
Dr. Math from Drexel  -


        4. Windows to the Universe and American Memory:
                      Windows To The Universe -
                  American Memory -

        5. Government Agencies:

CIA for Kids - and World Factbook -
Legislative Information on the Internet - Thomas
education and info about earthquakes and volcanoes
The Library of Congress -
   America's Story -

   Exhibits -
Census Bureau -
Ben's Guide to the US Government for Kids -
K-3, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
NOAA Education Resources for Teachers and Kids - weather, climate, oceans, satellites

        6. Virtual field trips:

123Cam - sites from around the world -
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
Alaska (Juneau) -
Concord (NH) -
Lake Winnipesaukee (NH)
Monterey Bay Aquarium web cams -
Mount Washington (NH) -
National Zoo  
Old Faithful -
South Pole Live -

          Plimoth Plantation -
          Colonial Williamsburg
          Mount Vernon
          Frog Dissection page
          The Heart: An Online Exploration
from the Franklin Institute -


          Tramline Field Trips -

        7. Student references/Homework Help:

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper -

   BJ's College Companion -
Gander Academy's Theme Related Resources -
outstanding site
Multnomah County Library Homework Center
web sites for 40 topics and all ages

        8. Teacher references:

NHEON lesson plans and resources for NH teachers - standards-based
California SCORE -
Schools  of California Online Resources for Educators
     - all disciplines - links, resources, and lesson plans
Discovery Channel - Lesson Plans, Puzzlemaker, TV schedules
Educator's Reference Desk
- Lesson plans, database of information, research, mailing lists

Kathy Schrock's links  for educators - all disciplines and then some
Knowledge Network of NHPTV (Channel 11)
lesson plans, activities, technology ideas
Mr. Donn's (and Mrs. D's) Lesson Plans Across the Curriculum -
(social studies)
Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer -
Blue Web'N

        9. Online projects:
                         GLOBE -
                     Jason Project -
                     S'COOL -
Eduscapes Teacher Tap
                     CIESE _
                     Global Schoolhouse - Collaborative projects
                     KIDPROJ -
                     KIDLINK -
                     Educator's Rest Stop -

                         Journey North -
                         Monarch Watch -
                         Linda Burkhart's Suggestions -
                     Curriculum-Based Telecomputing -
examples from from Judi Harris


       10. Scavenger Hunts:
                Arlys Peterson's Scavenger Hunts -
             Cindy O'Hora's Scavenger Hunts -
             Scavenger Hunts for Elementary -
             Christmas Around the World scavenger hunts -
             Mini Scavenger Hunts from Vicki Blackwell -

       11. Maps:

National Geographic -
USGS National Map Viewer -
USGS Earthshots -
Maps from the University of Texas at Austin -
Color Landform Atlas of the United States -
World Atlas -

          12. Webquests:

Bernie Dodge - The Webquest Page -

Kathy Schrock on Webquests -
Thinkquest for students -

     Library of entries
Tom March Best Webquests -
Kathi Mitchell's list of webquests -
LSU Webquests -
San Diego Technology Challenge Grants -
searchable database for webquests

Saskatoon (CA) Webquests -
Edmund J. Sass Webquests -
Spartanburg County, GA webquests -

        Other Sites for Teachers:

Free email newsletter The Classroom Flyer,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Discovery Channel -
  weekly newsletter
  puzzles for you to make -
  curriculum center -
  clip art -

EduHound - suggested sites to visit for ideas

From Now On - Jamie McKenzie - technology in the classroom -

Surfing the Net with Kids electronic newsletter - sites for kids and families

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and was last updated on October 26, 2008