Science sites:

Berkeley earth and space science - Science Information Infrastructure

Bitesize science activities for kids -

Blossoms of Science from Tel Aviv University

Bridge - Ocean Sciences - Teacher Resource Center- one of the best sources

CERES Project from Montana with Spacequests for classrooms

The CERES S'COOL Project - Students' Cloud Observations Online

Chemistry -

Community Learning Network General Science web sites (Canada)

DoDEA Science Websites:Student Performance Tasks

Education World Science Lessons
    Also: Science Center and Theme Park

Envirolink - environmental resources


Exploratorium science - Try Explore

Franklin Institute Online -
   Community Science Action Guides -
   Keystone Science Network -
   Science Resources -

Geological Society of New Hampshire

The GLOBE Project -

Hands-On Technology Program - D. M. Candelora
  dinosaurs (gr. 2) - electricity (gr. 4) - human body (gr.5) - matter (gr.5) -
  recycling (gr. 1) - simple machines (gr. 3) - space (gr. 2) solids, liquids, gases (gr. 3)
  sound (gr. 2) - water (gr. 4) - weather (gr. 3)

The Jason Project -

Jet Propulsion Lab - Info, links to other Nasa sites,and resources
    JPL for Kids Space Place -
    Mars for Kids -
 JPL's educational resources for oceanography and earth sciences

Life in the Universe - SETI -

Math Mol -

MCREL Science Lesson Plans
MCREL Whelmers

Middle School Science -

NASA's Classroom of the Future -
Coral Reefs
   Florida Everglades
   Global Climate Change
   Mars Landing
   Temperate Rainforest


   Yellowstone Fires -

NASA's Home Site -
NASA's CORE - Central Operation of Resources for Educators

NASA Kids -

NASA Classroom Subjects -
NASA Spaceflight -
Ames Research Center -
Goddard SFC -
Johnson SFC -

      Space Educator's Handbook -

recommended trade books for teachers

      NSTA Science Resources -

       NSTA Website Resources -

       Astronomy with a Stick - lesson plans -
      Day Into Night - lesson plans


New Jersey science - CIESE -

New York Times science activities -

Online Biology Book - "chapters" include text and pictures - good resource

Physical Science Activity manual -both PC and MAC downloads

PhysLink- Physics and Astronomy Online Education for Middle School/High School -   
    Reference for Educators 

Frank Potter's Science Gems - scroll down to K-16 Science Gems and Additional Resources

Reach Out! Michigan - lessons and activities

San Diego State K-8 resources -biology lessons

Scicentral - science news -
     Archive lessons -

Science Lesson Plans from Edmund J. Sass - lesson plans, rubrics, resources

Science Lesson Plans Page -

Science Museum of Minnesota

Science NetLinks outstanding site!
Lessons - Tools - Collections - After School

Science Resources for Teachers from Millbury, Mass.

Science sites from for K-6

Science Spot : Science Classroom -

Science Teacher Program - NYC

TeachNet -

Tech Topics from The Tech Museum of Innovation
in San Jose

USGS Learning Web - hazards, maps, changing world

     K-6 -
     7-12 -

     Lesson Plans
     Volcanoes - educational activities

    Earthquakes/faults -
     Paper Models of Geologic Processes

Volcano World

WhaleNet - Internet project

Woods Hole Oceanography

Mrs. Mitchell's science web page - topics with suggested web sites/lessons -

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