(Not smilies)
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We've been studying similes. Here are a few we wrote:

    Grows Like a Flower Bud (KMG) 

    Sings like a whale  (KMG)

    As blue as my baby sister's eyes when the light shines on them (JEP)

    Grows as cold as an ice cube  (JEP)

    As scared as the Cowardly Lion (ACG)

    As loud as a car stuck in the snow (ACG)

    As ugly as dog food (MOW)

    As fat as stuffed hamster cheeks (MOW)

    As cold as ice (MOW)

    As sweet as candy (MOW)

    As round as a ball (MOW)

    Laughs like me!(KAL)

    As gross as bananas (LCR)

    As slimey as a slug (LCR)

    As quiet as singing fish (BMH) 

    As loud as the ocean waves on a stormy day(LCd'H)

    As scaly as a fish (JL)
    As good as the Yankees losing (SL) 

    Eats like my brother (MC)

    As loud as a newborn (TB-I)

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