By James Lincoln Collier and
Christopher Collier

Prediction - Use the front and back covers to help you make a prediction about what will happen in this book.

Chapter 1-  Describe Willy.
                   Where does the story take place? Make a map using the
                        information given.
                    Make a character chart or family tree.
                    Why are Ma and Pa free?
                    Why do the black soldiers call them "niggers"?

Chapter 2-   Why doesn't Ma argue with Pa?
                    How did Pa evade the British in his boat?
                    Describe a cockade hat.
                    What did Fort Griswold look like?
                    What does Willy do at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 3-   What happens to the fort and the people?
                    What does Willy do?

Chapter 4-   How does Willy get free?
                    How does she try to solve her predicament?
                    How is she feeling?

Chapter 5-   What words tell you what Captain Ivers is like?
                    Describe Mrs. Ivers.
                    What new problems does Willy face?

Chapter 6-   What are the Americans in the whaleboats doing?
                    How does Willy analyze the rights of men and women?
Chapter 7-   Who controls New York City? Connecticut?
                    How does Willy avoid being bothered by Charlie?

Chapter 8-   What is the advice that Horace gives on lying?
                    Describe the Queen's Head.
Chapter 9-