The Witch of Blackbird Pond
Elizabeth George Speare

Chapter 1:       What is the setting?
                        Who are the characters?
                        List 5 words that are used to describe boats.
                        What are some of the phrases used to describe Kit?
                        Find two comparisons.
                        List several examples of foreshadowing.

Chapter 2:        " ...As though the ship were bewitched..." Explain this phrase.
                        List more characteristics of Kit from this chapter.
                        Describe the other people on the ship.
                        Discuss the slave issue which is presented in this chapter.
                        What problem occurs?

Chapter 3:        Who are the new characters?
                        Describe what you have learned about the food and clothing of the times.
                        What additional problems occur?

Chapter 4:        Compare Judith and Mercy.
                        Why does Matthew Wood behave as he does?
                        What is the real reason that Kit has come to Connecticut?
                        What are some of the chores that must be completed.

Chapter 5:        Describe the town.
                        What are church services like?
                        What new characters are introduced? What part do you think they will play in this book?

Chapter 6:        What do you learn about King Charles and King James?
                        What is the problem with the Governor?
                        What is the marriage proposal?
                        How are Kit's problems being solved?

Chapter 7:        Describe the charter of Connecticut.
                        William comes courting - what is this about?

Chapter 8:        How would you describe the Great Meadow  and Widow Tupper?
                        What is the dame school like?
                        What is the history of the Wood family?

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12;

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