Use the highlighted web pages to locate information about electricity and answer the questions.

1. What Is Electricity?

a. Electricity is the flow of ______________________________

b. Electrons have a __________________ charge.

c. Protons have a ___________________ charge.

d. Neutrons are _________________.

e. When electrons move among the atoms of matter, a __________ of __________________ is created.         

f. Resistance in wire depends on (https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/circuits/Lesson-3/Resistance)




g. _______________ has lower resistance.

h. What are insulators?

i. Name 2 insulators:

2. Electrical Safety - What do you do if there is: 

a.  an electrical fire?

b. an electrical shock?

c. a downed power line?

d. a power line touches your car?

Play the game, Frankenstein's Lightning Lab
Play the Game Make the Safe Choice

3. How Is Electricity Measured? https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/electricity/measuring-electricity.php




4. How Is Electricity Produced? http://www.alliantenergykids.com/EnergyBasics/AllAboutElectricity/000419

Choose 4 sources from the list and make a poster.


5. Fun Facts About Electricity - http://www.berwickelectric.com/the-electrical-blog/bid/71719/10-Fun-Facts-about-Electricity

6. How come birds on electric wires don't get electrocuted? https://energized.edison.com/stories/why-can-birds-sit-safely-on-power-lines

7. Time for a quiz: Lightning Safety Quiz  (share what you learn with your parents)

Go to the Theater of Electricity at the Boston Museum of Science

If there is time, visit another site on Mrs. Mitchell's electricity page
Write the URL. List 3 things you liked or learned.