Children's Literature Links for Mathematics Topics

             from John A. Van de Walle in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Pearson Education, Boston, 2004.

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Addition and Subtraction -,7959,796795-,00.html

Multiplication and Division -,7959,796796-,00.html

Fractions -,7959,796797-,00.html

Money -,7959,796798-,00.html

Measurement -,7959,796799-,00.html

Time -,7959,796800-,00.html

Geometry and Spatial Sense -,7959,796801-,00.html

Patterns and Sequencing -,7959,796802-,00.html

Calendar Connections -,7959,796803-,00.html

        More Math -,7959,796804-,00.html

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