Following are the answers to the group problem-solving test, "Lost on the Moon". The difference between your rank and NASA's (plus or minus) is to be listed in the "Difference for You" column. The difference between your group's rank and NASA's is to be listed in the last column.

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be a learning experience. Have fun with the activity.

ITEM Reasoning NASA's Rank Your Rank Difference for You Group Rank Difference for Group
Box of matches No oxygen to sustain flame, virtually worthless  15
Food concentrate  Efficient means of supplying energy requirements 4
Fifty feet of nylon rope  Useful in scaling cliffs, tying injured together  6
Parachute silk Protection from sun's rays  8
Solar-powered portable heating unit Not needed unless on dark side  13
Two .45 caliber pistols Possible means of self-propulsion 11
One case of Pet milk Bulkier duplication of food concentrate 12
Two 100-pound tanks of oxygen  Most pressing survival need  1
Stellar map (of the moon's constellations)  Primary means of navigation  3
 Self-inflating life raft CO2 bottle in military raft may be used for propulsion 9
Magnetic compass  Magnetic field on moon is not polarized; worthless for
5 gallons of water Replacement for tremendous liquid loss on lighted side 2
Signal flares Distress signal when mother ship is sighted  10
First-aid kit injection needles   Needles for vitamins, medicines, etc., will fit special aperture in NASA space suits  7
 Solar-powered FM
For communication with mother ship; but FM requires
line-of-sight transmission and short ranges 
Total points difference:

 Error points are the absolute difference between your rankings and NASA's (disregard plus or minus signs).

                                                                                    0-25 excellent

                                                                                    26-32 good

                                                                                    33-45 fair

                                                                                    56-70 oops

                                                                                    71-112 oh, well

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