The Wampanoag  
and the Pilgrims

                                                                                                       - Activities - 

         1. Wampanoag Facts - Who are the Wampanoag? - More info
               Boston Children's Museum -

            2. Pilgrim Facts - Who were the Pilgrims? - What was the Mayflower?
                 Design a poster that compares the two groups of people and how they are similar.

A Mayflower and Pilgrim Cyberhunt from Gail Hennessey

            3. Playing and Learning in the 17th Century 
Create a compare/contrast map with today's children

            4. 17th Century Clothing for the Wampanoag and the English - 
Make paper dolls or clothespin dolls with the appropriate outfits for each group

 5. Read about the "first Thanksgiving". Make a list of myths and facts
using the information on this page. Then participate in the "You Are the Historian" online activity.
            6. Building A Home - read about Wampanoag and colonist houses.
Make a sketch of each and add some details that are mentioned in the text.

            7. Make a menu of the Wampanoag and English foods listed at this link.

            8. Growing Food - Wampanoag and Pilgrims
                  Recipes to try
                  Coloring Pages
                  Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation and another tour Plimoth Plantation 
                  Virtual tour of the Mayflower
                  About the Mayflower
                  Maps and a

                    9. The Pilgrim Hall Museum -

            10. Wampanoag sites -
                    Mankato Museum


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