The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Some Activities

               1. Read about the Lost Colony of Roanoke:
                        Who are the main characters?
                        What are the main events that happened? List them in order.

                  2. Read another version of the Roanoke story. 
                     How is it similar/different from the first one?

                  2a. Read about the Lost Colony from the National Park Services
                            What were 4 problems the colonists faced?

                  3. Theories As to What Happened to the Lost ColonyMore theories - Still more
                       Choose one (or develop your own theory) and be prepared to present your reasons why

                  4. Map of Roanoke - Another map  What has been learned about the White map?

                  5. Check out the Web Quest about Roanoke. Another webquest. Still another webquest.

                  6. More sites to check:
                      KidInfo -
                      National Geographic-
                      Wikipedia -
                      North Carolina State Library -

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