The Skeletal System

(Worksheet was adapted from Davidson County Public Schools in Nashville, Tennessee)

In class we have been talking about the skeletal system.  We have explored several websites and discussed the skeletal system.  Now you get to go on a virtual treasure hunt to dig up the dirt on bones!  You will need to find the answers for the following questions.  Be sure to click on the underlined words in each sentence to find the answer.

1. What are the five major jobs of the skeletal system?

2. What do you call the part of the skeleton which protects the brain?   How many bones are in a baby's head?

3. The parts of the skeleton which protect the heart and lungs are called the _______.

4. What do you call bendable places where some bones join together? Name six types.

5. What mineral do we need for healthy bones and what foods have lots of this mineral in it?

6. What do you call the soft stuff in the middle of bones?

7. What is the longest bone in the body? The largest bone? The smallest bone?

8. Adults have how many bones in their bodies?   How many bones do babies have?

9. Label the following parts on the diagram of the skeletal system you were given.
    Another diagram is also provided.


            Spinal Cord





            Pelvis (Hip Bones)

            Scapula (Shoulder blade)

            Patella (Kneecap)

10. What are the the ? Draw and label them in your notebook.

11. Find the sketch of the parts of a bone. Draw a copy in your notebook and label the different parts.
    A more complex diagram can be found here.

Extra Activities:

1. What are some suggestions for adding calcium to your diet? Find and write one calcium-rich food for each meal.

2. To find out what would happen to our bones without proper nutrition, click here and scroll way down
     to Try This and look at the experiment with chicken bones at the bottom of the page.

4. What animal has the same number of neck bones as you do?

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