Thomas Jefferson
Worksheet for Class

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1. List 5 things Thomas Jefferson did as President

2. Go to
List 5 things Jefferson did after he was President

3. Monticello - Jefferson's home

a) What was his home like?

b) What did he do every morning?

c) Draw a map of his home

d) What were 3 of his inventions?

e) What vegetables or fruits were grown at his home?

f) What did he look like? Use adjectives to describe.

g) What are 3 flowers that are grown at Monticello?


h) What kinds of foods did he eat?

i) What were his favorite vegetables?


                                            j) Online scavenger hunt from Monticello site

                                   k) Interactive Poster of Jefferson's office, cabinet

                                   l) Frequently Asked Questions


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