Twenty-One Balloons
By William Pene Dubois

Websites about Krakatoa


1. What are the two ways of traveling? Which do you prefer?
2. Describe travel in the future as the professor sees it.
3. Why is balloon travel the best mode of transportation?
4. What are two reasons the professor decided to go for a balloon ride?
5. Find out more about Krakatoa. Websites about Krakatoa.
   Make a map of the region. Make a travel poster or brochure.
  How could you get to Krakatoa today?

        Chapter 1:

1. Why did the professor refuse to speak to the press about his adventure?
2. What do you think happened to the professor and his balloon?
3. List the newspaper headlines. Then make up some of your own.

        Chapter 2:

4. How did San Francisco prepare for the professor's return?

        Chapter 3:

5. What are the clues that the Professor is not well?
6. Describe the balloon. Make a sketch or a model.

        Chapter 4:

7. What mistake did he make early in his flight?
8. How did the professor avoid being eaten by sharks?

        Chapter 5:

9. Describe the island. Would you like to live there? Why or why not?

        Chapter 6:

10. Why was his host called Mr. F?
11. Describe the Gourmet Government.
12. What are some problems with the Gourmet Government that are not mentioned?

        Chapter 7:

13. Describe two of the amazing inventions in Mr. M's house.

        Chapter 8:

14. Describe the Balloon-Merry-Go-Round.
15. What items/games would you add?

        Chapter 9:

16. Why can't the people of Krakatoa just leave the island and go home?

        Chapter 10:

17. How did they escape from Krakatoa?
18. What happened to all the families?


19. Compare this book to another book you have read. How are they similar? different?
20. What similarities can you find between your life and the adventures in this book?
21. What adventures do you supposed the professor will have on his next balloon ride?
      Make a presentation to the class.

Book Projects

A. Research balloon history. Make a poster.

B. Create a model of the professor's balloon.

C. Make an alphabetical list of the countries for the food governments.
    Choose one country. Research the favorite types of food. Design a
    menu for a day using the food and drink of that country.

D. Make a board game using the facts from the book.

E. Research Krakatoa. Find and list ten facts. Make a papier mache
    model of the volcano and the island.

F. Make a map of Indonesia listing places that you feel are important.
    Explain to others why you chose the sites.

G. Act out the San Francisco tribute to the Professor.

H. Make up a song welcoming the professor to San Francisco.

I. View Mrs. Mitchell's web page about hot air balloons.
    Check out the pictures of the class making and flying a balloon.

J. Make a web page summary of the book.

K. Balloon activities:

L. Make a balloon house (thanks to Julie Bare),_instructions.htm


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